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If we were to hire you, where do you see our company in the next five years?

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Business Interview Questions

  • 1. If we were to hire you, where do you see our company in the next five years?

    • 2. How is your testing experience? Have you participated in functional testing for critical functionalities requiring business knowledge?

      • 3. Describe a project where you worked with the System Analyst during design phase and supporting the project through the development lifecycle.

        • 4. Describe the most complex business problem you have conducted analysis on and what recommendations or solutions did you make?

          • 5. If you were to run Microsofts advertising campaign right now, what type of campaign would you want to see?

            • 6. How would you renovate Burger King to compete once again with McDonalds? What changes would you make?

              • 7. How can we take our internet store, and make it more successful?

                • 8. Are you familiar with our product distribution?

                  • 9. How would you revamp our current product lineup?

                    • 10. Communication is important when dealing with clients and customers. Describe a time when you acted as a liaison between client and development teams for business clarifications?

                      • 11. Would you consider bringing back the Jolly Grean giant for marketing campaign?

                        • 12. When you look around our office, how many people do you believe have unneccessary jobs?

                          • 13. Why Business? Why not anything else? You could be an engineer, a doctor, anything?

                            • 14. Which altnerative energy sources do you predict to be dominate in 5 years?

                              • 15. Where do you see the price of oil rising to or dropping to in 2 years?

                                • 16. Would you invest in the commodity market?

                                  • 17. Do you see the mergers of banks good or bad for business? For America?

                                    • 18. Why do you want a career in Business?

                                      • 19. Have you worked in a team environment? What were your contributions to the effort?

                                        • 20. Why do you want to work for our Marketing Department?

                                          • 21. Where are interest rates going in the next 6 months?

                                            • 22. Tell me where the DOW closed at yesterday?

                                              • 23. What is the most recent business article you have read? What were your thoughts on the story?

                                                • 24. Would you buy stock in the market right now?

                                                  • 25. Describe to me a recent marketing project you have worked on?

                                                    • 26. What real business experience do you have?

                                                      • 27. What do you want to do (in regard to business function, industry, location)?

                                                        • 28. What made you choose a career in Business?

                                                          • 29. Discuss any experience you have had abroad.

                                                            • 30. What do you do to relieve stress?

                                                              • 31. What is something from your past that you wish you would have done differently and why? The experience can be from work, school, other activities, or from your personal life.

                                                                • 32. Tell me about your past experiences, don't tell me about your accomplishments as your resume details those, but more your thought processes as you went through those experiences.

                                                                  • 33. We have met several business analyst. Why are you the one we should hire?

                                                                    • 34. The financing department just told our marketing department we no longer have adequate funding for our latest product, what do you do?

                                                                      • 35. Describe a project where you performed a gap analysis between the targeted business model and company?s products and services?