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Share with me your thoughts on the recent mortgage crisis.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Financial Analyst interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to see that you have a pulse on major financial topics. Offer a personal analysis based on data, trends you have observed, and articles you have read. Even if you are not involved in mortgage lending, you can observe the bigger picture to make an accurate assessment, just as you would for a company or a client.

Share with me your thoughts on the recent mortgage crisis.
Answer example

"The major mortgage crisis in the United States started in 2007, but the effects are still in full swing, including the turmoil of un-affordable debt that many people now struggle with. From my understanding, the subprime mortgage crisis occurred because of a flawed financial model, far too much borrowing, and many people believing that home prices were soon to soar. Now, the mortgage crisis continues and it is incredibly difficult for home buyers to quality for a mortgage. In the end; however, I do believe that the stricter approval process has created a stronger financial system, overall."

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Share with me your thoughts on the recent mortgage crisis.
Recent mortgage crisis can be avoided by using more stringent banking regulations and policies.
The mortgage crisis is a product caused by financial engineering. While it is wonderful to create products for shareholders, we also need to create an environment where all stakeholders can benefit. So, the mortgage crisis pains me.
It has happened because of the gross negligence of the financial institutions and regulatory bodies, it could have been avoided.
More you lend liniently earlier you will be bankrupt.
Its sucks..... It sucks the big one.
Aggressive financing, high speculations, Faulty Appraisals.

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