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To help you prepare for a Travelers job interview, here are 30 interview questions and answer examples.

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Do you prefer working outside of the box or within a set of predetermined rules?

Most organizations prefer to hire candidates who can apply creative thinking when needed but can also follow protocols and guidelines. So this question aims to assess how adaptable and versatile you are. Looking back on your work experience, determine when you've been creative and thought outside the box and when you've been more of a critical thinker and worked within certain limitations. Think of instances where you've taken calculated and informed risks when information or resources were limited.

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30 Travelers Interview Questions & Answers

  • Adaptability

    1. Do you prefer working outside of the box or within a set of predetermined rules?

  • Behavioral

    2. Would you rather work face-to-face with clients or behind the scenes?

  • Capability

    3. How often do you take work home?

  • Career Goals

    4. Why Travelers?

  • Career Goals

    5. Where do you see your career five years from now?

  • Communication

    6. Insurance contracts can be detailed and lengthy. How do you help your clients understand their insurance contracts?

  • Communication

    7. How would you describe your relationship with your customers?

  • Communication

    8. Tell me about a time things didn't go according to plan as the result of a communication breakdown.

  • Communication

    9. How would you rate your communication skills?

  • Compatibility

    10. What does integrity look like to you?

  • Compatibility

    11. Would you say honesty is always the best policy?

  • Compatibility

    12. What do you know about Travelers' culture?

  • Diligence

    13. How do you stay up to date on new trends and developments in the Insurance industry?

  • Discovery

    14. What is your desert island movie?

  • Education

    15. Tell me about how your education has prepared you for this role.

  • Education

    16. Other than what you've listed on your resume, are there any other certifications or licenses you are pursuing?

  • Education

    17. Have you considered furthering your education in order to advance your career?

  • EQ

    18. How do you respond to feedback?

  • Experience

    19. In your most recent position, what was the size of your client portfolio? Was that manageable for you?

  • Experience

    20. What’s the most significant change you’ve witnessed in the insurance industry?

  • Experience

    21. What do you feel is the most pressing issue facing the Insurance industry today?

  • Job Satisfaction

    22. What type of work environment allows you to be the most productive?

  • Job Satisfaction

    23. How do you like to be recognized for your accomplishments?

  • Job Satisfaction

    24. What causes you to feel dissatisfied on the job?

  • Job Satisfaction

    25. As a property casualty insurer, which of our insurance offerings do you enjoy working with the most?

  • Leadership

    26. What leadership qualities do you possess?

  • Performance Based

    27. Do you feel performance should be rewarded over experience?

  • Problem Solving

    28. When have you had to act fast in response to sudden change?

  • Salary

    29. What are your salary expectations?

  • Teamwork

    30. Have you ever worked in a cross-functional environment?