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What is the most recent business article you have read? What were your thoughts on the story?
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I read many articles in a day. This is also a hobby for me. I think if I was to pick one, I would pick one from the financial times about the canadian housing markets. Its fascinating to think about what I would do if I was part of the regulators. They have such a diverse economy in every province that applying the same kind of monetary policies is creating instability within the country.
I read an article regarding our potential departure of the european union, and how it will put an impact on UK businesses. The article was mainly talking about whether or not it would massively affect Large UK businesses and how they were unanimous on the decision. For me personally I feel that it could damage a lot of UK businesses who deal in clients that are abroad or even have offices/firms in europe.
I read about how the country is about to experience a full blown financial crisis and I agreed with the article.
I am an avid reader of the WSJ. I read that investors are pushing commercial real-estate prices to record levels. It made me think proceed with caution. The central bank may want to raise interest rates in this market. Will we see another recession? One of equal magnitude to that to 08? 2015 marks the end of the 7 year business cycle. We see volatility in greek markets, volatility in the mideast, ISIS/threats of terror, Chinas slowing market and the looming question of the effects on the American dollar when Chinas currency enters the IMF. I think that the way this story plays into my prospective job as a stock broker is that it is important to read, no matter what you read you are only worth what you know. This is why I will make a great stock broker.
Jeune Afrique on CFA Franc. I believe African countries need to be emancipated and produce their currency in local area.
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