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Stock Broker Interview

31 Questions and Answers by Rachelle Enns
Updated August 17th, 2018 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
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Does money drive you to succeed? What other factors motivate you?

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Does money drive you to succeed? What other factors motivate you?

A strong leader will always want to understand what motivated their employees. Share with the hiring manager how you are best driven to succeed. What factors push and motivate you?

Rachelle's Answer

"I am certainly driven financially. Winning over clients, gaining new commissions and receiving an increase in my earnings are all very motivating to me. I am also motivated by words of encouragement and knowing that I am creating a strong and positive reputation for myself."


What is your favorite financial market information resource?

Where you attain your market information is very important for the hiring manager. It will give them insight into your personality and the type of 'voice' that you listen to best. You can complete your answer by asking the interviewer if there is a resource that they like best within their firm.

Rachelle's Answer

"My most trusted source for financial market information would be the BDC Market Research tool. I find that it offers a complete and unbiased look at the current market. In your opinion, what are the best resources for your firm?"


What is the largest portfolio you have managed?

Assure the hiring manager that you are able to handle a valuable portfolio. Use an example of what you are currently managing.

Rachelle's Answer

"Currently, I am managing a portfolio of $100MM. This is by far my largest, and I am happy to say that I am able to handle this volume in a very professional and efficient manner. I have no doubt that I could manage a portfolio even larger than my current capacity."


What is your proudest career accomplishment to date?

Even though it may feel strange, it is absolutely okay to brag about yourself a little bit when it comes to your career accomplishments. Be sure to give credit where credit is due!

Rachelle's Answer

"My proudest career accomplishment this far is that I have been able to triple the worth of my client portfolio within one year of working at XYZ firm. I have had incredible leadership and mentors during that time, which has helped me significantly."


Have you worked in sales before?

Bring your resume to life for the hiring manager, including your sales experience and results. Be sure to discuss how you feel that these experiences will help you in this role, should you be the successful candidate.

Rachelle's Answer

"I have worked in sales for most of my career. I began in high school, selling magazine subscriptions door to door in residential neighborhoods. After graduating from high school, I worked part time as a bank teller while attending university. This role required strong up-selling skills. Since completing university, I have worked my way up in the banking world, always within a sales focused role."


Give me an example of a time you successfully handled a high pressure situation.

Talk to the hiring manger about a time when you have displayed a strong ability to handle stressful situations. You should use a recent example, if possible, and be sure to talk about the positive outcome of your actions.

Rachelle's Answer

"As a Stock Broker, I am exposed to many high-stress situations on a regular basis. One of the most high pressure situations that I can think of was just last month. One of my largest accounts wanted to take his portfolio elsewhere, as he had a friend who recently finished his MBA and was joining a competing firm. There was a lot of pressure on me to save his business. We met, and I helped him to see that, friendship aside, our firm was the best choice for him. Losing his business would have had a huge impact on my portfolio so I was incredibly relieved to have saved it."


Our industry has a very high turn over rate. Why do you feel you will be one to make it long-term in this industry?

Why do you think that you will be one of the few to last long-term? Talk to the hiring manager about what sets you apart from those who do not make it.

Rachelle's Answer

"I feel this industry has a very high turn over rate because it is stressful and a lot of hard work for little income at first. I know that I can make it long term because I do possess more tenacity than the average person. I really want this and will do what it takes to succeed."


Why do you want to work for our firm in particular? What was it about the job posting that attracted you?

You are currently looking for a new position. Why is their firm your top choice? Talk to the interviewer about the stand-out factors for you. Draw on your research of their firm.

Rachelle's Answer

"I was attracted to your job posting because it sounded upbeat and stood out from the rest. I matched all of your criteria which was great, as well. It sounds like your firm truly invests in the future of its employees and I found that to be incredibly encouraging as well."


How would you describe your sales technique?

Every person has their own unique way of selling. Take the hiring manager through your style of selling and explain why you think it is effective.

Rachelle's Answer

"I would describe my sales technique as friendly, informative and fact driven. If I want to close a sale, I will collect all of the information possible and work the data to show the client exactly where their needs are. I will collect agreement, and then close. It's pretty straightforward and I believe this style is a big factor in why I am in the top 10% for closing ratios in my current firm."


Are you comfortable generating leads? Tell me about your experience doing so.

Ensuring that your personal sales pipeline is filled with qualified leads is a very important, and often difficult, part of sales. Talk to the interviewer about your ability to generate leads and your level of comfortability doing so.

Rachelle's Answer

"I am very comfortable generating leads. It's a huge part of my success in sales and I fully understand the importance of it. I create my own call lists from referrals, web inquiries and social media hits. From there, I add the leads into my pipeline. I am very tenacious when it comes to cold calling and following up on referrals."


What do you enjoy about sales?

Being a stock broker, you should be excited about sales! Talk to the hiring manager about the aspects you love most when it comes to sales. Sales people love the competition so be sure to discuss the wins and how that affects you.

Rachelle's Answer

"The thrill of the hunt is what I enjoy most about sales! I love to source a new potential clients and win them over. It's exhilarating. Also, being on the leaderboard in my firm is really fulfilling to me."


Would you consider yourself a calculated risk-taker?

How do you calculate risk when it comes to stocks and investments? What do you think constitutes a "calculated" risk vs. an uneducated one? Talk to the hiring manager about how you calculate risk.

Rachelle's Answer



What is the most recent business article you have read? What were your thoughts on the story?

Talk to the hiring manager about the types of articles and publications that you read in order to stay on top of the happenings in your industry. You can also ask the interviewer what their opinion may be on the matter.

Rachelle's Answer

"I read an article this morning about how the Trump election win has been beneficial for the smaller financial firms and brokers. The index had soared 13.2%, and the Dow is up 2.9%. What are your thoughts on this?"


Discuss any experience you have had abroad.

Talk to the hiring manager about any experiences you have outside of your home country. What did you learn? Would you consider going again?

Rachelle's Answer

"After I graduated University, I travelled to Australia for 3 months. I spent time working as a bartender and mostly focused on soaking up the new experiences. I really enjoy travel and would be open to working abroad or travelling for training purposes."


Would you buy stock in the market right now?

Be honest and forthright when answering this question. The hiring manager would like to further understand why you would, or would not, risk purchasing stock in the current market. You can complete your answer by asking the interviewer how they feel as well.

Rachelle's Answer

"Personally, I would be very cautious about buying stock in the market right now. With the recent election and the unsettled feelings surrounding it, I feel it would be wiser to sit back and wait a moment to see if any new trends begin to emerge. How do you feel about buying stock right now?"

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