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How did you learn about this position?
Openly share how you heard about the job. It may have been online, in the local newspaper, or from a friend. If a current employee told you about the job, be sure to mention their name; it will gain you extra recognition with the interviewer!
Answer examples
"I was recruited from LinkedIn by a nursing Recruiter. She reviewed my profile and felt I would be a great match for the position."

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User-Submitted Answers

How did you learn about this position?
Give report to the new shift nurse.
Either prepare for my next shift, by reviewing patients. Or, talk to the next scheduled nurse and keep her up to date on the day.
Iwill recheck all my patients once again. And I will check for any pending works.
I will again search around anything I missed or not.
I would recheck if I have really accomplished all my duties and obligations on my shift, then I would talk to my patient make sure she is stable and all her needs were met, and if she needs anything before I leave. Maybe helpout other co-workers if they are getting behind their schedules.
Double check to make sure everything is done, charting, medication cart, empty garbages, clean cart.