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Kelly Burlison

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Kelly Burlison is an experienced healthcare and quality measurement professional with experience interviewing in the healthcare field focusing on IT.

As an administrator in a managed care organization, Kelly has successfully interviewed and hired many clinical and support staff positions. Her experience includes interviewing candidates for roles in telemedicine, registry operations, quality measurement, and business process management.

In 2019, Kelly contributed to multiple interview question and answers sets for MockQuestions, including Anesthesiologist Assistant and Behavioral Nursing.

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Tell me how you would handle a situation where you thought you saw one of your nursing colleagues pocketing a dose of medication that was supposed to be given to a patient.
Kelly's Top Answer

"This is a difficult situation, but if I thought I saw something like this, I would have to report it to my supervisor. I could not allow something like this to rest on my conscious, and as a nurse, I know it is my ethical responsibility to report such incidents. I actually was in a similar situation one time when I saw one of my coworkers give a friend who was visiting medications, without a prescription or documentation. IAfter I witnessed this, I didn't make excuses for my coworker, I reported it to my supervisor so she could investigate the details."

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