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1. Are you specialized in a particular area, i.e. neo-natal, pediatric, geriatric, or women's health?
2. What was your least favorite patient? What was the situation.
3. What is your favorite type of patient?
4. How would your coworkers describe you?
5. How do you stay current on the latest health research?
6. How would you describe your communication style?
7. What questions do you have for me?
8. How many patients is a full workload for you?
9. How did you learn about this position?
10. Have you ever had to deal with accusations of negligence or malpractice? How did you handle it?
11. How do you prioritize when multiple patients and procedures demand your attention at once?
12. What are your strengths?
13. What precautions do you take with a patient in poor health?
14. Tell me about a time in which you had to handle an irate physician, co-worker, or patient. How did you handle it and what were the results?
15. Describe your typical relationship with physicians you work with.
16. What is your ideal work environment?
17. Describe a recent issue you had with a doctor or co-worker's decision. How did you handle it?
18. How do you make seamless transitions on shift changes?
19. How do you deal with stress at work?
20. How have you responded when your supervisor asked you to work an additional shift to fill vacancies?
21. What are your greatest strengths?
22. What motivates you?
23. How are your administrative skills?
24. Why are you leaving your current position?
25. How do you respond to a patient in pain?
26. How do you handle criticism?
27. Tell me about your education.
28. What is one of your weaknesses
29. Tell me about a time when you made a mistake. How did you handle it?
30. Are you available to work nights?
31. What do you do in your spare time?
32. Why do you want to work for us?
33. How would your boss describe you?
34. Describe your work ethic.
35. What are your salary expectations?