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Top 25 Academic Dean Interview Questions
List of Academic Dean Interview Questions
  1. How do you successfully motivate your team?
  2. How do you assess academic performance?
  3. As an Academic Dean you will be exposed to a wide variety of people, situations and environments. Do you feel prepared for this?
  4. Why do you want a career as an academic dean?
  5. How would you handle a situation where one of your faculty members was causing difficulty in the workplace?
  6. Why are you the best Academic Dean for us?
  7. What immediate changes would you like to see, if you were hired for this position?
  8. How do you handle communicating bad news to a fellow worker or subordinate?
  9. Rate your communication skills from 1-10 with proper examples backing your given rating.
  10. Tell me about a time when you improved communication between yourself and a co-worker or client.
  11. When do you feel your leadership skills are most effective?
  12. What has made you ready for this responsibility?
  13. What are your salary expectations?
  14. What work situations excite and motivate you?
  15. How do you like to encourage ideas in others?
  16. What sources do you look to when solving complicated problems?
  17. What was your greatest cost-cutting measurement you accomplished at your previous employer?
  18. Tell me about an organization or group outside of work that you contributed to.
  19. What motivates you to succeed?
  20. How do you decide what gets top priority when scheduling your time?
  21. What three words would you use to describe yourself as an Educator?
  22. Outline your formal education and training.
  23. Tell me about your exposure to budgeting and fundraising in your last position.
  24. Give me an example of a new academic rule or regulation that you have created.
  25. How active to you plan to be with your faculty?
  26. Are you familiar with this States academic criteria?
  27. What is your proudest moment as a teacher or leader?
  28. Would you consider returning to school to complete your PhD?
  29. Tell me about your greatest work related accomplishment.
  30. Would you consider returning to school to complete your PhD in Business or Education?
Contributing Author
Ryan Brown
Contributing Author
Rachelle Enns
Academic Dean Information
August 17th, 2017

An academic dean, also known as a dean of education, is an administrator who has significant authority over a specific academic department or unit (e.g. dean of the school of medicine, dean of boys/girls), typically in a college or university and to a lesser extent in high schools. They're typically highly involved with admissions and recruitment for their unit, as well as matters relating to graduation. Deans work in office settings and during normal business hours and may have reduced hours during the summer break. Education requirements vary. Sometimes a bachelor's degree may suffice, but a master's or PhD is often required.

Job openings for academic dean positions can be found through typical channels as well as career sites of academic institutions. As the dean, you'll be expected to maintain order and be responsible for admissions and graduation requirement, which is why previous experience in program administration will be important. The interview process will assess a wide range of skills including interpersonal, administrative, and leadership skills as it relates to your ability to manage relationships with students, parents, and staff. 

To prepare for an interview for an academic dean position, review your work experience and think of times when you administrated a program by planning courses and defining objectives and saw it through to a positive outcome. Think about times when you gave constructive criticism and how it resulted in something positive. Be prepared to give details on your teaching and leadership style as well as how you would handle chaotic situations. Deans are leaders in academic situations and need to demonstrate integrity and inspire respect while fitting into the institution's culture and needs.
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