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Instructional Coordinator Interview Questions

29 Instructional Coordinator Interview Questions
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How do you usually determine which textbooks you will choose?
How to Answer
Lay out your decision-making process and use 'If/Then' language. Make sure to demonstrate that you would be aligned with the school's principles and values. You can also use this opportunity to show that you like to develop yourself professionally.

Answer Example
"First, I'd look at what we need to achieve and what the weakest areas were in my last class. If I see that, last year, my students' social studies scores weren't too good, then I'll look into what the deficiencies were and see if there's any improvements that could come from the choice of textbook. I'd ask my colleagues for their opinions, and I'd also look on online communities for ideas. I take a look at each textbook and imagine myself teaching it. It's got to be accessible to the children."
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Question 2 of 29
How have you helped teachers understand new technologies for the classroom?
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How to Answer
Use concrete examples if you have any. The main point is to paint a clear picture for the interviewer about the way you engage with teachers. Walk them through what you might do, step by step, without getting into too much detail.

Answer Example
"I ask the principal if I can take up some time on professional development day for a seminar to teach the teachers about a new technology. I gather all the teachers on that day and I'll give them an overview of the technology. For instance, it might be a new eLearning platform. I'll show them a quick tour of the features and give examples of how they might use them in the class. Then I'll have the teachers interact with the platform for 5-10 minutes, and then we'll have a Q&A session. I take their feedback and then I make sure that they have easy access to me if they have any more concerns or questions."
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Question 3 of 29
If a school is performing poorly in a certain subject, what are your immediate action steps?
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How to Answer
Give a brief step-by-step overview of your troubleshooting process. Make sure your answer spans the short term first. If appropriate or necessary, zoom out a little bit and talk about your strategies to improve on medium-to-long term timeline.

Answer Example
"I'll bring it to the attention of the teachers and ask them if there have been any particular pain points that they're facing. I'll then ask them if there's anything that they can immediately identify that we can be doing better, if there are resources that they needed but weren't given in a timely fashion. Things that we can do immediately to improve the situation. From there, we'll talk about deeper issues, such as problems with infrastructure, the administrative system, things like that. These are things that will give us better performance in the long run."
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Question 4 of 29
How do you keep up to date on new technologies to better enhance students education?
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How to Answer
Describe any habits that you've developed to keep abreast technology matters. Provide an example.

Answer Example
"I'm always reading technology magazines like Wired and Popular Science. Whenever I see something new and interesting, I think about how I might be able to use that in a lesson. For example, when iPads first came out, I read about how the App Store would be open to any developers who wanted to make an App for it. So I kept an eye on the educational software section."
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Question 5 of 29
When you were a teacher, what was your favorite subject to teach? What grades?
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How to Answer
Give an honest answer and remember to explain why.

Answer Example
"I really loved teaching English to the sixth grade. They've just moved onto a higher level and a lot of them are excited to have that extra responsibility. They start to question you more, which makes things more challenging and interesting, which I like."
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About Instructional Coordinator

September 24th, 2017

Instructional coordinators are highly experienced educators. They focus on overseeing school curriculum, and teaching standards. As part of their job, instructional coordinators develop appropriate instructional material as well as proper procedures for teachers to implement the curriculum. They also coordinate the curriculum implementation with teaching staff and conduct regular appraisals to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. In some institutions, instruction coordinators may also train and mentor teachers.
It takes advanced education to become an instructional coordinator. Anyone wishing to pursue a career in this field must have at least a master's degree in education, instruction, school administration, or curriculum, as well as ample training in a relevant capacity. Strong analytical, leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills are essential attributes for this role.
At the interview, your interviewer will question your choice of career and your career goals. They will ask you if you know exactly what this job entails and if you have what it takes to work as an instructional coordinator. They will also ask you about your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to this role as well as your short and long-term career goals. Excellent communication and leadership skills are key requirements of this role and the interviewers will be watching closely to see if you have these two skills. Before going for the interview, it is important to practice your replies to commonly asked interview questions so you can answer confidently at the interview. You can find these questions listed at Mock Questions.