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What do the words "customer service" mean to you in this role with Kaiser Permanente?

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    What do the words "customer service" mean to you in this role with Kaiser Permanente?

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      Kaiser Permanente is 100% focused on the service that they provide to their patients. Your role with the organization could potentially put you in front of patients, vendors, or family members of patients, and all are considered customers of the organization. Talk about how your role at Kaiser Permanente can have an effect on the customers of the organization and how you go about providing excellent service to those customers.

      Ryan's Answer

      "In this profession, my customers are my patients and their family members and I look to be at my best in providing excellent care and compassion to them. My care reflects on the organization as a whole and with the fact that word of mouth travels fast, I want my patients to come back again and again for their healthcare needs. Furthermore, I consider my coworkers in other departments as part of my customer base because my work can often have an impact on their work. I strive to write complete notes in the EMR and communicate effectively on patient hand-offs to them."

      Ryan's Answer

      "Having spent my career working in healthcare education with large institutions, my customers are the employees that I train and the educational materials vendors that I work with on a daily basis. To best suit my internal customers in their training, I ensure that I am a subject matter expert in the setting I am providing education. During training sessions, I take a methodical and knowledgeable approach with my students and keep an open ear for questions. If I promise any follow-up to my students, I do so in a timely manner. To my external vendor customers, I speak openly and honestly about our organizational needs and partner with them to create innovative and effective training sessions for our employees."

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      "To me, it means to have a positive attitude to patients, smile and make them feel comfortable, answer any question they have, or resolve any issues they have. Make them think we care about them as if they were our family members so that they will come back."

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      Your version of customer service sounds warm, welcoming, and caring. Very nice answer.

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