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Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Interview

31 Questions and Answers by Michelle Krebs
Updated February 24th, 2020 | Michelle Krebs has over 15 years of experience interviewing and hiring candidates in the health care and medical device industries.
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At Cedars-Sinai, we want you to do incredible things. Give me an example of your proudest work accomplishment.

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Interview Questions


At Cedars-Sinai, we want you to do incredible things. Give me an example of your proudest work accomplishment.

The interviewer wants to hear the passion in your voice when it comes to a time you worked hard and achieved a positive result. Let your excitement shine so they can see how you will do great things at Cedar Sinai.

Michelle's Answer

"I love taking on side projects when I can. Because of my passion for community work, I organized a clothing drive for 'Dress for Success,' a local initiative focused on helping women get back into the workplace. I took on planning, marketing, and volunteer recruitment. I picked members from other floors to be champions and generated a lot of buzz through promotional emails. We had a massive influx of donations, and the initiative's director was so pleased. This initiative brought our group together and brought great benefit to those who needed proper work clothing, as they re-entered the workforce."


Why do you think you will be successful in this role with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center?

Rather than just sharing how you have gone above and beyond expectations in the past, focus on how your qualities will help you to meet and exceed expectations with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Discuss the reasons why you will excel in this job. Talk about your qualifications and skills that will help you to do this job well. If you can, match your strengths to the requirements outlined in the job description.

Michelle's Answer #1

"I know I will be successful in this role because I have been working in this industry for five years with great training and mentorship. I have a solid understanding of X, Y, and Z (skills listed in the job description). Also, I have all of my updated certifications as outlined in your job description. I am well-prepared for this next step in my career."

Michelle's Answer #2

"I believe my success with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center will come from having all of the hard skills that you are looking for, whether learned in school or gained through work experience. I know many of the key players in this region and stay informed of best practices."


Given our location, we have patients who are actors, actresses, and professional athletes. Patient confidentiality is of the highest importance. Talk about a time you maintained patient privacy, even when it might have been challenging to do so.

The interviewer needs to know you've had to make a tough decision before regarding patient confidentiality and made the right choice.

Michelle's Answer

"I don't work in an area with any famous people, but there was an accident in our community last year, and I knew several of the people who were injured. It was not in my scope to look at their records; they were not on my unit. However, some other people in my unit did look because they wanted to make sure they were ok. They were let go from the company because of that HIPAA violation. I was also inquisitive but knew it was against policy. Sometimes I have to make tough choices that go against my curious human nature, and I was grateful for my good decision."


If Cedars-Sinai Medical Center hired you today, what would you accomplish first?

When you start a new position, it is essential to set a goal related to how you will make a positive impact quickly after being hired. This question is a delicate one, and you need to show respect for the onboarding process, then give a moderately ambitious project that you could execute. This concept is often called your 'value proposition' in marketing. "Hire me because I'll do X."

But remember this is your campaign promise, if hired, it will likely be your first target to meet, and depending on the environment, it could make or break your initial impression. The best approach is to give a functional analysis of the employers' needs and your skills.

Tell the interviewer what your impact goal is, should you be the successful candidate. If you want to make an impact with your answer, refer to the immediate needs of the company, such as increasing budgets or improving patient care.

Michelle's Answer #1

"Hire me because I'll do X."

Michelle's Answer #2

"This question is a delicate one, and you need to show respect for the onboarding process, then give a moderately ambitious project that you could execute. This concept is often called your 'value proposition' in marketing. "Hire me because I'll do X."

But remember this is your campaign promise, if hired, it will likely be your first target to hit and depending on the environment, it could make or break you. The best approach is to give a functional analysis of the employers' needs and your skills."


Continuous feedback is critical to us at Cedars Sinai. Give an example of a time you received constructive feedback and what you did with that information.

Everybody has received feedback regarding workplace improvements. Awareness is the key; being ready to listen, assess the potential flow, and then pivot to make any necessary changes. The interviewer wants to know you have self-awareness and can accept and apply constructive feedback.

Michelle's Answer #1

"In my current role, I received feedback that I should delegate to others more often. The trouble is, it's often easier to do the task myself. However, my other colleagues then lose the ability to learn, and it appears I don't trust them. I'm working hard on this habit and have made a conscious effort to delegate more often."

Michelle's Answer #2

"I received feedback last year that my approach can seem too harsh or abrupt at times. I know that I'm a direct person, and I like to get straight to the point, but that communication style doesn't work for everybody. I've tried to soften my message, so it feels warmer for those who are more sensitive and have a different communication style."


Cedars-Sinai Medical Center supports a healthy work/life balance for all employees. How do you balance life and work?

It is essential to keep a healthy work/life balance to prevent burnout. Talk to the interviewer about how you can maintain that appropriate balance for yourself.

Michelle's Answer #1

"I find that with the right company, it's pretty simple to balance life and work. When I enjoy what I do, it doesn't feel like a chore. I am always sure that when at home, my family gets my attention first. I take time on the weekends to do things for myself and ensure that I regenerate before the work week begins."

Michelle's Answer #2

"I make a strong effort to keep a healthy balance by spending my free time away from my cell phone and having more face-to-face time with my friends and family. I indulge in the things that make me happy, on my time off. By consistently rejuvenating in this way, I can give even more energy when I am at work."


If you could expand your knowledge and expertise in any area of healthcare services, which would you choose?

The interviewer would like to dig deeper into your genuine areas of interest when it comes to healthcare services. They want to know that your passions align well with what Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is offering. Talk to the interviewer about the areas of healthcare you would like to focus on most, and then tie that information in with the offering at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Michelle's Answer #1

"If I could expand my expertise in any healthcare service area, I would choose anything within primary care. Your unwavering focus on primary care is one of the reasons I have applied to your company. I feel that your focus will be a great fit with my long-term career goals."

Michelle's Answer #2

"I'm interested in research. One of the things that attracted me to working with your company is your ongoing community-based research collaborations. I'd be curious to hear if Cedars-Sinai had any needs in this area. Is this something junior staff can be involved in?"


At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, we seek to hire individuals who have ambitions of growing their careers. Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

Every hiring manager would like to know that their investment in recruitment and training will pay off. Assure the interviewer that you see this position as a long-term fit. How does this role with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center fit into your longer-term plans?

Michelle's Answer #1

"In 3-5 years I would like to see my career with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center include a path towards a leadership role. I am very keen on paving a long-term career in the healthcare services realm and would love the opportunity to do that here."

Michelle's Answer #2

"One of the attractive points of working for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is that you care about the growth of your employees. I'm motivated to learn and am looking for a long-term fit. In 3-5 years, I'd like to be grounded in the clinic, learn about this site, your patient base, and earn certifications that would help the unit advance. I want to get involved in some of the local volunteer organizations. I speak Spanish, and I have an interest in urban outreach, so it would be nice to do something formal in the context of health-education or fundraising."


Cedars-Sinai Medical Center was initially looking for someone with 5 years' experience in a similar role. Considering you have just 2 years' experience, would you be willing to accept this position at a lower salary?

Are you willing to earn your way up if the interviewer does not want to offer you top compensation? Discuss with the interviewer what you would expect for compensation if offered this position.

Michelle's Answer #1

"I would be happy to earn my way to the top compensation level if required. I do assure you that, despite my being shy of experience by a couple of years, I am a top performer and you would not be disappointed in my performance."

Michelle's Answer #2

"I understand I do not quite meet the qualifications of experience you are looking for and am willing to be compensated in adjustment to that fact. However, I do look forward to proving my worth to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in hopes of being considered for the median salary for the role."


What type of work environment do you dislike working in?

Are you pretty flexible in your ability to work in most environments? Have you experienced a position where the atmosphere wasn't conducive to your productivity?

Be sure to know the type of situation offered in this position before the interview. If you aren't completely clear on the workplace environment or culture, kindly ask the interviewer to expand on the work environment for you.

Michelle's Answer #1


Michelle's Answer #2

"I prefer to focus on the positive, so if it's okay, I would like to share with you my ideal work environment. My ideal environment is organized, collaborative, positive, energetic, and encouraging. I love working with like-minded people who set challenging goals for themselves. I thrive when I work for supervisors who encourage curiosity and creativity in problem-solving."


Do you prefer to work in a team based environment, or individually?

In which situation are you the happiest and most productive? Talk to the interviewer about your preference when it comes to teamwork or working individually. Be sure to avoid pigeonholing yourself into one particular scenario (IE: I only like to work by myself). You may work well without the need for much management or direction, or perhaps you are better driven in a collaborative and team led environment. Either way, be honest with the interviewer about your preferences without leaning negatively, either way.

Michelle's Answer #1

"Whether I am doing an independent project, or working in a team environment, I always give my best. I enjoy the camaraderie of working in a team, but I can be successful working autonomously as well."

Michelle's Answer #2

"I have found, in the past, that I work well in an individually driven environment; however, I can certainly be productive in a team-based setting as well."


Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has a diverse workforce. When have you worked among a diverse group of people?

Are you accustomed to working with a very large or diverse team of individuals? Assure the interviewer that you can handle an environment that offers diversity. Even better, give an example of being able to embrace diversity in the workplace.

Michelle's Answer #1

"I have worked with diverse groups of people most of my career, including my time in University. I am most comfortable and happy in this type of environment because it offers me unique learning opportunities."

Michelle's Answer #2

"I am so glad you pointed out your need for diversity at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. I greatly value diversity. I grew up in a fairly homogeneous town in Montana. When I hit my 20's, it became more important for me to learn about other cultures. To expand my viewpoint, I worked with volunteer organizations in Peru, inner-city Chicago, and India."


Do you think it is possible to be a good team member, yet disagree with the leader?

The interviewer wants to know that you can be diplomatic in the workplace, even when you may not agree with your leader.

Show the interviewer that you can be a good team member, yet disagree with the leader from time to time. Explain that you believe everyone is entitled to their own professional opinion, yet capable of maintaining respect for each other at the same time.

Show that even if you disagree with the final decision they make, you support the direction the team is heading.

Michelle's Answer #1

"I think that it is possible to be a great team member, even when disagreeing with the leader. It's all in how I maintain respect for everyone despite a difference in opinion."

Michelle's Answer #2

"I believe that being a good team member is more about attitude than it is about compatibility. I do not need to agree with everyone 100% of the time, to be effective in your job, but I should always be respectful in my approac."


Think about a difficult boss, professor or coworker. What made him or her difficult? How did you successfully interact with this person?

Show the interviewer that you work well with most personalities even though you recognize there are some folks out there who are quite difficult to please.

Think about that one person at work who is hard to please. Perhaps there is someone at work who tries to intimidate others. Talk to the interviewer about what made this person challenging and what their relationship was with you. Avoid speaking poorly of anyone, and be sure to end your response on a positive note.

Michelle's Answer #1

"I once worked at a small medical facility where the primary physician was very demanding. When he would walk into the facility, employees would quietly announce that he was in the building, so that everyone could prepare for his arrival. This physician had great intentions; however, his people skills were a little rough. I could see that he meant well, and I recognized that he wanted to do a lot of good things. When we interacted, I always took his feedback with the understanding that he didn't mean things as harshly as he might say them."

Michelle's Answer #2

"In my previous position, I did have a coworker who didn't pull their weight. This unmotivated coworker created more work for the rest of the team by being slow and unresponsive. Our team started to complete most of the tasks when it came to group projects. It didn't take much time before our department head noticed this particular individual was slacking. I feel like, in most instances, the underachievers will weed themselves out over time, and it's rarely worth making a fuss over."


Tell me about yourself.

Take a few minutes to tell the interviewer a few things about yourself. You can begin with your recent education, family life, volunteer work, or talk about your travels. Bring up anything that is interesting and highlights your ability to be a responsible, reliable, and bright individual.

Michelle's Answer #1

"A bit about me - I love to travel, read, and conduct research. I am a recent grad from Columbia University and have spent the past 12 months traveling the world. It was the best experience that I could have given myself as I was able to learn so much from seeing how the rest of the world lives. I returned to the US just last month and had been actively looking for work the past couple of weeks. I am eager to get into the routine of a career again."

Michelle's Answer #2

"I am an avid marathon runner and have traveled to 10 countries in the last eight years to compete in a variety of races. I am a competitive individual and enjoy keeping fit. Being newer to my career in healthcare services, my biggest goal as of late has to take as many related courses and workshops as possible. I am eager to get a great start on my career."

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