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Would you abuse your powers as a TSA Screener?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a TSA Screener interview

How to Answer

Absolutely not! You are trustworthy & ethical, and you would never abuse your powers as a TSA Screener. The interviewer needs to hear that ethics are of the utmost importance to you, so tell the interviewer that you would never abuse your powers as a TSA Screener. Next, share that you have a moral obligation to represent the company with high ethics, and you understand the importance of being trustworthy as a TSA Screener.

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Would you abuse your powers as a TSA Screener?
No,I would do as I was trained.
I would not. As Federal employees, we are in the spotlight and are to conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times.
NO I don't find that professional.
No not at all being that I work for the federal government, in no way would I jeopardize that.
No I would not I don't believe that would be constructive.
I would never to anything that could potentially jeopardize my employment.
Not I would not I have morals.
No, I know better not to abuse my power.
I would never abuse my power as a tsa screener because the process they go through while flying is already bad enough for me to put more pressure on them and make their flying experience bad.
Certainly not I believe abuse of TSA powers could result in dangerous consequences.
No, it would be wrong to abuse powers in any job.
No, that is not going to help people get their flights on time.
I wouldn't abuse my powers as a TSA agent. The reason why I wouldn't is because this job has a direct effect on the public and other members of my team. It would be very inappropriate to behave in a manner that could jeopardize public safety. I would act accordingly and to protocol because upholding safety is very important to this position.
Absolutely not. Integrity is extremely important to me.
Absolutely not. From my understand TSA screeners have to be really discreet with their jobs. Meaning they aren't allowed to work their uniforms in public other than work.
No I will do what my job asks of me.
Never. This would be the most serious job that I could have and I understand the severity of misusing that authority.
I certainly do not think I will ever abuse my powers because I like to believe that I have strong morals and values of honesty. My conscience would never allow me to cross any lines.
No way I would just work as employee nothing more then that.
I take pride in doing a job well and holding my head high at the end of the day knowing the choices I made were made with a clear concious.
No, the are SOPS to follow and that what I would do.
No. I believe in equality for everyone not just employees.
No, and would not stand to see that happen.
No. Abusing your power is asking for a very short career.
Of course not. This is a very serious job with very serious responsibility. You'd have to check your ego at the door and be the bigger man.
I don't want to abuse my power as a TSA screener I want to respect the client or people around me the way they respect me.
No no way moral I could not do that it's not right I could live that.
I wouldn't abuse my powers as a tsa agent. This is a very important federal job that deals with national security. I would report any abnormal behavior or if I know someone who is abusing their power to my supervisor.
I would never do that, I know if I did that it would effect not only me but my co-workers and the other flyers.
Never, since clients deserve to be respected as one wants to be respected too. Power doesn't fit in this workplace, but caring and alertness do.
No, I would not. This process is already hard enough on the passengers, I would not make it more difficult.

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