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Flight Attendant Interview Questions

39 Flight Attendant Interview Questions
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Do you enjoy traveling? Tell me about your favorite destination and one destination that is on your bucket list.
How to Answer
Being away from home so often can be tough so be sure to express your interest in travel and new experiences. As a flight attendant, you will have the opportunity to fly to many different locations. The interviewer wants to be assured that you would enjoy this aspect.

Answer Example
"I absolutely love to travel. My family traveled a lot when I was growing up and it seems that I caught the travel bug too. My favorite place so far has been Barbados and Spain is on my bucket list of places that I would love to go."
Answer Example
"Travel is the main reason I chose to pursue a career as a flight attendant. I love flying out to Southeast Asia. The layover in Hong Kong to Thailand is one of my favorites because of the food. Now, I've never been to Scotland, and I'd love to go there to see the landscape there."
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If you were asked to take a flight across country, and back, unexpectedly how would you handle this?
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How to Answer
What would be the positive aspect for you if you were asked to take a cross country flight at the last minute? Discuss with the interviewer how you would react in a situation like this.

Answer Example
"I am more than happy to do what it takes for the good of my company and team. My previous supervisor commented often on my willingness to take long shifts whenever required."
Answer Example
"I understand that this job may have unexpected flights. I don't have any problem with it. I have a friend who can take care of my home while I'm gone, and my father can take care of any bills. They've been helping me with that kind of thing for a while, so they know what to expect. I'm happy to take on any assignments that come up unexpectedly."
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Why do you want to work for this airline?
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How to Answer
With many airlines to choose from, why are you hoping to work for this particular one? This is where it is very helpful to have conducted some research on the company prior to your interview.

Answer Example
"I have a particular interest in your airline because of your strong reputation in the industry and the dedication you have to positive customer experiences. I have flown your airline as a first choice for the past 5 years and have not been disappointed in the quality service delivered. I'd love to be a part of that."
Answer Example
"I've heard a lot of good things about this airline. I really like the way the company treats its employees. For example, I think it's great how the company will stand up for employees if a customer gets way out of line because sometimes customers will take advantage of a company's generosity, which really just encourages bad behavior from all the customers. It also shows me that the company is great at diplomatically handling confrontational situations, which is a skill that I'm really interested in building. And on top of that, this airline travels to all the places that I want to go, as well as others that I haven't been to yet."
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How would you handle a situation in which a passenger keeps breaking basic flight rules such as wearing their seat belt?
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How to Answer
As an FA you will often come across passengers who simply don't care about the rules and regulations of flying. Talk to the interviewer about your method for dealing with these types of passengers.

Answer Example
"In my current FA role, I have been trained to handle uncooperative passengers in a variety of ways. If reasoning with them does not work then I will ask them to personally suggest what a reasonable solution may be. If they are unwilling to reason with me then I will remove myself from the situation asking another FA to step in."
Answer Example
"I've been trained to handle unruly passengers in a number of ways. Usually, these kinds of passengers don't respond well to people who try to exert authority onto them, so I explain to them that government regulations require passengers to be wearing their seat belts at this time, and that it was for the safety of all the passengers. I'd explain to him what would happen if he didn't have his seatbelt on during sudden turbulence. If he still refuses, then I'd emphasize the rules again and ask him what his suggestion is."
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Describe a situation when you were able to have a positive influence on the actions of others.
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How to Answer
Do you aspire to be a positive influence on others? Talk to the interviewer about a time when you were a positive influence on someone in the workplace. How did it feel?

Answer Example
"Last year at work we had a situation where our executives allowed all of us to make a pitch in regards to where the company's philanthropic efforts should go. I created a really great presentation that impacted the executives enough for them to choose my charity of choice. It was an amazing feeling to know that my passion and research could amount to something so life changing."
Answer Example
"There was a time when one of my fellow flight attendants snapped at a passenger. This was during the first half hour of the flight, and it he had just started work, so I knew he wasn't just tired. The first chance I got, I invited him to have a coffee with me at the galley. I treated it like a friendly chat and asked him what's going on with him, anything interesting, things to just get the conversation to open up. Soon, I found out that he was having personal problems, so I just became a good listener for him. I steered the conversation back towards work and talked about positive things to get my coworker back into a good mood. Then I mentioned that there was a passenger who seemed to be upset about something. I suggested that my coworker see if there's anything the passenger needed. That way, the passenger would have contact with my coworker again, and this time it'd be a positive interaction. As you can see, I'm very good at influencing people in a positive way."
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First written on: 03/27/2014
Last modified on: 08/20/2018

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About Flight Attendant

August 17th, 2017

Flight attendants have a significant role in the airline industry. They are the face of the airline as they assist passengers during their onboard experience. They ensure company safety protocol and procedures are in place before during and after flights. Traveling is a very stressful undertaking for many flyers, and that leaves a heavy burden for flight attendants to maintain a positive and encouraging environment for patrons.

A successful flight attendant should be capable of working under stressful conditions while maintaining a positive attitude. Understanding airline policy is crucial, and every flight attendant must ensure all policy is enforced to the passengers during the entire flying experience. Being able to make announcements and speak in front of a large group of people is another skill flight attendants should have. Attendants must be professional and able to handle a wide diversity of individuals. Being able to give clear and concise instructions is another valuable key.

Landing a flight attendant job will require a strong performance during your interview. Interviewers will be looking for the skills mentioned above, and more. Make sure you can give examples of when you remained calm throughout a stressful situation. Be able to highlight past experiences where you have enforced company policy no matter if you may have disagreed with the policy. Being able to work a flexible schedule is a must, and the interviewer needs to understand you are willing to adjust your flight schedule at any given notice. Lastly, being able to fly repetitively without feeling ill is a must. Be sure you have flown several times and can talk about your experiences to the interviewer.