Able Seaman Interview Questions

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What do you enjoy most about being a seaman?

Able Seaman Interview Questions

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    What do you enjoy most about being a seaman?

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    If you saw a fellow seaman doing something unsafe what would you do?

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    What type of routine maintenance did you perform on your last ship?

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    How well to you respond to authority even when you may not agree with their decision?

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    Tell me about your previous employment. How have these previous experiences helped you prepare for a career at sea?

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    When did you first want to become a sailor?

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    How do you handle working with a fellow seaman?

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    Do you have a history of being late or calling in sick?

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    How many years of service do you have on deck?

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    What experience do you have being an Able Seaman?

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    If hired, what steps would you take to understand the operations of our ship, prior to your start date?

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    What is the worst weather condition you had to operate under?

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    How do you foresee yourself handling long periods of time at sea?

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    Have you ever had to keep watch for long periods of time? How do you keep yourself wide awake and keen?

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    Are you fully trained in the use of lifeboats and life rafts?

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    Are you trained in First Aid and CPR?

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    How strong is your sense of direction?