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Cargo and Freight Agents Interview

13 Cargo and Freight Agents Interview Questions

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How do you handle stress and pressure?
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Why should we hire you?
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What is the most difficult situation you have had to face and how did you tackle it?
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With smile face hiding angry to customer and listening to their problem and work hard to solve them.
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What do you feel is the most important skill a cargo and freight agent should possess?
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What are your career goals?
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About Cargo and Freight Agents

April 15th, 2017

To prepare for the interview, think about examples of how you remain highly effective even while under pressure to meet strict deadlines. When possible, talk about your methods using concrete and sequential steps. This will show the interviewer that you'll be able to perform the job at high standards: missing deadlines can cost the company money in terms of lost contracts, customer complaints, etc. Teamwork is important as well, so think about times when working in a team was essential to the group's success and how you adjusted your actions in relation to your team members in order to secure a positive outcome.

The interview process will assess your skills, abilities, and fit into the organization. Competency questions will assess whether you have the skills necessary to be successful at the job, and fit questions will compare your personality and preferences with the needs of the company. You'll be expected to be able to quickly read and record information vital to the movement of freight and cargo through various terminals. Being able to work at a fast pace in a team environment while remaining accurate is important.

Cargo and freight agents facilitate the movement of cargo from its origin to its destination. They route the movement of cargo and freight through airports, shipping docks, and trucking terminals. This work typically takes place in shipping facilities. Because this job is critical to global commerce, it's not unusual to expect weekend and evening shifts. Key performance areas include the ability to meet strict deadlines and to be able to work at a fast pace, as well as the handling and moving of freight and cargo. Awareness of one's physical environment is an important aspect of the job. A high school education may be a required qualification.