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How do you determine priorities when you have multiple tasks at hand?

"When I had multiple priorities simultaneously in college, I'd ask my professor which aspects of any assignment or projects they'd rank based on their necessity, strengths, merits, or which they'd deem as most urgent. This professor was a mentor and taught me how to manage my time and multitask. Eventually, I adapted what I learned from them and developed my own methods to help focus my energies and priorities appropriately, identifying necessity and concentrating my efforts appropriately on the greater needs of the team effort or the big picture."

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35 American Airlines Interview Questions & Answers

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  • Adaptability

    1. How do you determine priorities when you have multiple tasks at hand?

  • Adaptability

    2. When have you had to shift your priorities in response to sudden changes?

  • Adaptability

    3. Describe a time you faced an unexpected difficulty. How did you deal with it?

  • Behavioral

    4. What unique qualities would you bring to our company?

  • Behavioral

    5. How would you describe your personality?

  • Behavioral

    6. List the top three skills you feel sets you apart.

  • Behavioral

    7. Do you prefer more independent work or collaborative work?

  • Behavioral

    8. Why are you the best choice for American Airlines?

  • Career Goals

    9. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

  • Career Goals

    10. What do you hope to gain from this role?

  • Career Goals

    11. If you could start your career over, what direction would you take?

  • Career Goals

    12. How does this position fit into your career goals?

  • Communication

    13. Tell me about a time communication became an issue when working on a team.

  • Communication

    14. How would you describe your communication skills?

  • Compatibility

    15. Are you comfortable being required to wear a uniform to work?

  • Competency

    16. Where is American Airlines' largest hub in the US?

  • Conflict

    17. Think about a difficult boss, professor, or coworker. What made him or her difficult? How did you successfully interact with this person?

  • Customer Service

    18. Walk me through the full range of your customer service experience.

  • Customer Service

    19. How will you continually meet American Airlines’ exceptional customer service standards?

  • Direct

    20. Are you willing to work overtime and adhere to a Flight Attendant's irregular schedule?

  • Direct

    21. Are you comfortable signing a non-disclosure agreement to work for American Airlines?

  • Discovery

    22. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

  • Diversity

    23. Do you have prior experience working in a diverse and inclusive environment?

  • EQ

    24. How do setbacks emotionally affect you and your work?

  • Experience

    25. Have you received training on how to handle an in-flight emergency?

  • Experience

    26. Do you have any formal First Aid or CPR training?

  • Experience

    27. Have you been through any airline-related training?

  • Job Satisfaction

    28. What about your work excites and motivates you?

  • Leadership

    29. Describe a time you displayed leadership among your teams.

  • Performance Based

    30. Tell me about your attendance record.

  • Salary

    31. What are your salary expectations?

  • Situational

    32. Flight Attendants are responsible for prioritizing our passengers' safety. What would you do if you felt there was a safety threat?

  • Teamwork

    33. How will you earn your coworkers' trust?

  • Teamwork

    34. How do you get along with others at work?

  • Technical

    35. What experience do you have using team-based messaging applications?