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Ramp Agent Interview Questions

31 Ramp Agent Interview Questions
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What is your greatest weakness?
How to Answer
Tell the interviewer your greatest weakness which can nevertheless be a strength in this role.

Answer Example
"I believe my greatest weakness is that it is sometimes hard for me to stop working when there is more to do. I am very focused in my work and wish to complete all tasks by the end of each day. However, it isn't always possible to do so. This is why I now use daily to-do lists to keep track of my duties so that I can get to work as soon as I get to the office in the morning."
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Question 2 of 31
What would you do in the event you had a disagreement with your superior?
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How to Answer
Tell the interviewer about your conflict resolution skills and your ability to remain professional and respectful in all situations.

Answer Example
"When working as a/an (X position title) for (X company), (... X example of a conflicting situation with a superior). To resolve the situation in a timely fashion, I (... what you did to revolve the situation). I remained respectful and professional and in the end, the situation successfully resolved."
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What skills do you think are most critical to this job?
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How to Answer
Always review the job description before the interview to familiarize yourself with the personality traits required from the successful incumbent.

Answer this question by mentioning the top three skills from the job posting, if provided, and provide an example of these skills in a professional capacity. Alternatively, provide your top three skills that you have - and that you believe a Ramp Agent must have - which you believe will highly benefit you in this role, and provide an example of these skills in a professional setting.

Answer Example
"The skills a Ramp Agent must possess are time management skills, meticulousness and hardworking capabilities, which I possess. These qualities served me well in my last position at (X company name) where I was employed as a/an (X position title). In this role, I (X confirmation re: how/why your qualities benefitted you in this role)."
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Question 4 of 31
Tell me about your organizational skills, and how you ensure your duties are successfully completed.
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How to Answer
Tell the interviewer about your organizational skills in a work environment by providing an example of your capabilities. Provide an example in a professional or volunteer capacity, or alternatively in a university setting to illustrate you have experience successfully completing duties and that you are strategic in your approach.

Answer Example
"I believe excellent organizational skills are essential to successfully perform in any position. For example, if I have to perform numerous duties in a short period of time, I need to know how to prioritize and meet the respective deadlines. I will use lists to keep track of upcoming duties and a calendar to keep track of deadlines. To ensure my duties are successfully completed, I follow up with the relevant parties, and do no hesitate to adjust my approach - and work - should it be necessary."
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Question 5 of 31
How do you deal with deadlines?
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How to Answer
Tell the interviewer about your time management and organizational skills.

Answer Example
"I always meet deadlines because I am extremely organized and do not wait at the last minute to get started on projects. I use lists and calendar reminders to ensure I do not forget anything and I review these lists daily."
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About Ramp Agent

August 24th, 2018

Ramp agents work in the air transportation industry where they are responsible for directing aircraft as they enter and leave the gates. Part of their job also includes moving baggage and cargo crates to and from the hold of the aircraft and verify that all packages are correctly loaded onto the right aircraft.
There are no minimum qualification requirements for this role, although some employers prefer to hire applicants with a high school diploma. This is a physically demanding job. Ramp agents must have the physical strength and stamina to load and unload heavy baggage and cargo. They must also have a driving license and a clean driving record. Considering ramp agents work in a highly sensitive area, passing a background check is a mandatory requirement of the job.
Prospective employers will want to know if you've done any work in this field before and if you know exactly what the job entails. They will also want to know why you think this is a great job for you and what are your strengths and weaknesses as they apply to this specific role. One way to prepare for your job interview is by rehearsing your answers to the questions you will find at mock interview questions for ramp agents.