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Tell me about your leadership experience. How would you describe your leadership style?
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Lead by example and very structured.
My leadership experience is being the director of the women's ministry where I design workshops that will help to build confidence, teaches wellness, re-position themselves to believe that they can be anything they want, now I am working on a program to educate those without computer knowledge.
I managed and directed a university-based community and economic development outreach program for over 15 years. In that role, I was the key contact person representing my employer in both a technical role as well as a public relations role regarding economic development.
I have always been put in a position of leadership, from high school, to the military and in life. I have always succeeded in anything the team has accomplished with a hard work ethic.
I supervise 4 admin assistants in the areas of staffing, training, budget and travel and other admin tasks. In 2010, I also mentored two new hires to the agency, St. Louis National Hearing Center for a 120 day assignment. throughout my career, I have led initiatives such as the Informal Remand project, medicare part b subsidy program, new contract training for performance appraisals and training initiatives for the new York region.
I provided leadership to two ESA assigning work schedules, detailing assignments, had one on one staff meetings to see have work assignments been completed and what they need to complete there assignments. Trained in areas where needed provided advice on how to complete assignments on time. Created desktop manuals on operational procedures.
I have led a couple of Regional Office's projects in claims processing such as reducing back log for 2 year old claims and the Nehmer Phase II project. For the 2 year old project, I led a team of 4 that consists of RVSR, myself and VSR's for promulgation and authorization. For the Nehmer Phase II project, I led a team that consists of Legal Instrument Examiners of 8 to train on reviewing prior decisions and medical opinion examination input in VERIS.
I am experienced in effective communication, task delegation and team work.
I have worked in a leadership role since 2010. As a lead for the Medical office I was required to process medical applications for clients. Processing the applications needed MC regulation expertise to correctly issue benefits to clients. As a supervisor I was in charge of maintaining a unit composed of 8 workers. My primary responsibility was to ensure that the unit was running well, completed tasks assigned in a efficient and timely manner, reviewing of work, and motivating employees. As a trainer I have had the pleasure of training to all DEBS staff the Affordable Care Act and the changes Medical. I was responsible for creating curriculum that provided the rules and regulation of the Affordable Care Act in writing, creating training materials needed for worker training, and making changes to training whenever an area did not seem effective.
3yrs experience as an effective leader.
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