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Tell me about a time you had to manage many different details.

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    Tell me about a time you had to manage many different details.

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      Interviewers ask this because, as an Executive Assitant, you manage a significant amount of data in many forms. This data could be files, emails, reports, etc. They want to ensure that you have a keen attention to detail and successfully keep different data sources segmented.

      Angela's Answer

      "In my current role, I am responsible for maintaining information for over 200 clients. I have to be certain that these client records are never comingled because this would be a violation of privacy and could create a lot of confusion. To ensure I handle client information with care, I only access one client's information at a time and make sure always to file loose documents immediately. I also ensure that all digital files are labeled specifically and promptly to avoid any confusion. Lastly, I always double-check all files to make sure that documents are not assigned to the wrong client folder."

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      "As the Department Coordinator for the School of Education, I manage approximately 150 adjunct faculty. I manage their contracts make sure we have a signed copy and forward it to the Human Resources Department. I verify all contracts and make sure all courses have instructor assignments for the entire academic year."

      Marcie's Answer

      It sounds like you manage many details during the course of your job just in general. To strengthen your answer, you'll want to include an outcome/final result so you can show the interviewer that not only do you handle detail-oriented work but you're successful at it. Consider either including a stat of some sort here that shows how accurately you verify the contracts/confirm all the courses have instructor assignments or include a more specific example where you have a definitive outcome that you can discuss.

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