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Why do you want a job at Nordstrom?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Nordstrom interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that you are excited about working at Nordstrom. Nordstrom aims always to be fashionable. Tell the interviewer why you look forward to being a part of a fashion-focused team at Nordstrom. Be excited that you would be encouraging men & women through helping them feel good about themselves and the way they dress. Be excited to share that you would get to be a part of something great by being an employee at Nordstrom!

Why do you want a job at Nordstrom?
Answer example

"I have been an assistant manager in my clothing department for three years. I am ready for advancement in a management role; however, my organization is unable to promote me without a transfer to another city. When I saw your position open for a management role, and so close to my home, I was excited. What excited me even more; however, is that you are known a brand that I have closely followed for many years. You have developed a strong sense of trust with your customers, and I genuinely appreciate that."

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Why do you want a job at Nordstrom?
I want a job a Nordstrom because I feel as if I would really excel at selling to a large scale of people and I love the environment.
It would be an honer to work with such a world renown company, with an impeccable reputation for perfection. I have years of professional experience in the bar industry.
Nordstrom has always been my dream company. I have never even thought twice about working for a different comapany. Nordstrom is based on customer service and as a customer I have always loved that.
I want this job at Nordstrom because I believe that I can bring great compassion to my work and become a great sales person. I also want this job because my dream is to eventually become a buyer and I want to start to learn about the company from the inside.
I would like to work at Nordstroms because it is a leader in Fashion, they pride themselves on customer service and I have heard they are good to their staff.
I want to be a part of the nordstrom family because nordstrom as a company puts extra emphasis on customer service. Whenever I shopped at nordstrom in the past I've never felt like I had to buy anything I did not want or need. I want to offer the same great service I have received to customers.
Nordstrom is one of the top retailers in the world according to Forbes. The company is known for providing some of the best customer service. The company is innovative and constantly looking for new ways to enhance customer relationships and I would absolutely love to be a part of the Nordstrom team.
I'm a big fan of Nordstrom Too starting with Because two things Nordstrom a company who cares only about customers Nordstrom started as a shoes retailers and I'm obsessing with shoes That's will pleasur too Join that's great teams whose devastating all their efforts for customers.
I have always loved shopping at Nordstrom because of the variety of merchandise and because of the customer service. I would love to work where customers service is so important because I love working with people.
The learning experience it can give me and help me grow in certain characteristics more, as well as putting my mind and my characteristics to work for you guys and hopefully becoming something that fills a void in your company.
I want a job at nordstrom because nordstrom is a company that cares and caters to their customers. I never feel pressured to buy anything I do not want or need whenever I shop at nordstrom. Shopping at nordstrom is always a comfortable experience for me and I hope to provide that for other customers.
I appreciate their people-oriented approach to human resources and company values.
I can relate to the rags and riches story. The founder of the company came to the United States with $5 to his name. His relentless pursuit over the course of 100 plus years is the story of legends. I came form a third-world country. My grandfather picked up rice grains from the ground. My mother was nearly denied education.My family worked hard, as did my country. The values speak to me.
I want a job at nordstrom because I love that the company caters to its customers. Whenever I shop at nordstrom I never feel pressured to buy anything that I don't want or need. I also feel that there are many opportunities at nordstrom that I would like to take advantage of.
I am confident that I can make an impact and bring benefit to the company.
I love Nordstroms, I always have a great time when I shop there and I would love to helps others feel great while they are shopping as well. Fashion is a big part of me and I hope to have my own clothing store one one day. I know Nordstroms is a amazing company to work for and has great room for growth.
I have shopped from Nordstrom and I always had a great experience. I always wanted to work for Nordstrom as it considers customer satisfaction over and above everything. Which is a sign if great company.
Nordstorm is one of the best retail stores in the nation, not only for customers but as well as for employees, Nordstorm has reputation of excellent customer services and training employees for any situation.
I want to work at nordstrom because nordstrom has excellent customer service and I want to be part of that excellent customer service and all the employees seem eager to work and I feel that would be the perfect place for me.
I want to work for Nordstrom because you're a company that embodies what I plan to spend the rest of my career in, working in retail for 6 years now and being passionate about luxury fashion and customer service I've really come to figure out exactly what I want in a company and Nordstrom represents that, a place I can express my knowledge and passion.
I want a job at nordstrom because Nordstrom supports their employees, shares success and encourages growth within the the company. Nordstrom represents a sophistication and luxury that really appeals to me as a customer and as a saleperson. I thrive in environments that I enjoy and am comfortable with, such as luxury. I enjoy a competitive market where I can shine, and my hard work can really be noticed.
I feel like I possess a lot of wonderful backround knowledge in retail sales, customer service and I very much believe I have a excellent sense of fashion. I love keeping up with new trends and would very much enjoy assisting customers to find outfits and/or items that they can fall in love with. I want to make shopping a fun and enjoyable experience for our customers.
I want a job at nordstrom because I am a competitive person and tend to thrive when I have goals and deadlines. I love talking to people and find myself to be a people pleaser. I want to work for nordstrom because I think that I will effectivly protray the nordstrom brand of serving people and will help grow the company.
I love how customer comes first company.
I feel like it would be a great opportunity and I am majoring in Apparel merchandising and would love to gain experience at such a recognized and customer derive driven company.
I fell I can really use my passion and my talent and put them to good use.
I have always loved being a customer at Nordstrom. Always having a great expereince there, I always saw it as a great place to work. Also hearing of friends and people who have worked there they always loved and enjoyed the job.
I want a job at Nordstrom because the company provides a great customer service and an excellent team work that I believe could expand my skills toward building a better work ethics.
Because fashion is my passion. I love clothes and I love nordstrom.
First of all, nordstorm is the leader in the industry, also I would like to gain more knowledge, experience and make value for the company.
Nordstrom has inspired my passion in fashion and retail, during the ambassador ship program, I was really intrigued and inspired by the work that was being done by nordstrom managers, also while holding a posting at the nordstrom rack I replay felt like this is a company that constantly strives to be better and always thinking of the next best thing and I want to work, learn and grow in an environment as such.
I have been recommended by several people to pursue a career at Nordstrom. I have been told that it is a great company to work for and I know that it is on the Top 100 Best Places to Work according to TM magazine. Nordstrom really takes care of their employees with the benefits package and the fact that they focus on promoting within which really shows that they recognize their employees and reward them for their hard work. I also love the brands that are within Nordstrom! As said before, I go to Nordstrom Rack at least once a week and always find something I love! Its definitely a benefit when you are surrounded in an environment that you love.
Its exciting and fast paced, fashion every season! Always forward and fresh and anticipation of our clients and getting excited about new product.
I would like to work for Nordstrom because this company is known for excellence.
I like the store, products, customer service philocyphy, atmospere.
I want to work at Nordstrom because I am competitive, I am team player, and I want to make a lot of money.
I want to be an employee at Nordstrom because I feel like with my skills and previous job history I would thrive in an environment such as this. The company culture and mindset of giving the customer a top notch shopping experience while also being able to serve for one of the greatest fashion stores to date would be an incredible opportunity.
It think it would be a great career where I and grow and also make money.
I like working with coffee, and would like to try a little bit of a different atmosphere.
I think it will be a great learning experience. I know I have a lot to learn but I can learn it.
I truly love shopping at nordstroms and the products, customer service, everything about what Nordstrom stands for.
Id like to work for a company that is sophisticated and more challenging for me.
Not only am I an avid Nordstrom shopper, I admire the way the company brands itself around providing phenomenal customer service. I admire the company culture and see it is the perfect place to enhance my career goals and dreams. I have a passion for working in the fashion industry, and for me working at Nordstrom would not be so much a job, but rather a 24-7 commitment to enhancing a brand that I love and value.
Nordstrom is a department who offer great customer service, excellent product , values it employee and help people create style.
I'd like to move to a company that is more sophisticated and challenging for me.
Because I value what the company represents and stands for in the sense that it really cares and values their customers and employees and focus on always going above and beyond for them. I also love their product assortment and have the drive to growth within to become a buyer for womens apparel.
It would be a privilege to work at such a great and thriving company. And being able to gain very beneficial experience will my very influential for my career.
I would thrive in a customer service environment. Nordstroms has an excellent reputation for customer service and treating employees well.
I want to work at Nordstrom because aside from loving fashion and clothes I feel that it is the perfect place to step my foot into luxury retail.
Love fashion and heard that nordstrom had high value companny and good place to work with good benefit.
Nordstrom will help me gain the experience and further career growth. Also, Studio Services position is multi-task, so I am motivated and result-oriented to work in different environments and do the variety of jobs.
I love the kind of customer service that nordstrom is known for. It would be a great honor to work for a company with such great standards on satisfying guests needs.
Nordstrom is listed as one of the top 100 best companies to work for, and I would like to be somewhere that allows me to grow.
I want a job at Nordstrom to give a shopping experience to others have them wanting not to leave the store.
I want a job at Nordstrom because Nordstrom is a company that is top of the line with a big name for fashion. It has been providing the top of the line brands for a 100 years now, and I would love to show my interest and passion in working for this company with excellent customer service.
The experience in what is offered to me, I want to get into the retail industry due to my personality.
I want to form part of a great company where I can feel comfortable in as well as to be able to be myself while assisting others in their needs.
Cause I know my training and knowledge in previews fields, and my responsible and work oriented personality will fit perfectly in this dynamic environment. Also I believe in terms of customer service I have the same values this company strives for: Great quality of product as well as great quality of service.
I want to work for nordstrom because I want to work somewhere that I can learn and grow within the business. I would love to find a business to work for and stay there for a long time.
I want to work at Nordstrom because I am competitive, I am a team player, and I want to make a lot of money.
I believe that Nordstrom is a great store that has really good customer service. It would be beneficial for me to gain experience and knowledge from Nordstrom as an employee and also to possibly be promoted within. It doesn't hurt that I love the store and the products at Nordstrom either!
I want to be a part of nordstrom. Not just to have a career, but to know more deeply how people love nordstrom and how they take care of their customers.
To showcase my skills and abilities, and allow myself to grow within Nordstrom restaurant division.
I was raised going to Nordstrom in Seattle. We moved to Texas when I was 8 and went back to Seattle to visit when I was 18. THe woman who helped my mother with shoes was still working there 10 years later. Also, to top it off she still remembered my mother. She gave me my first impression of what customer service really was. A few years later we visited Seattle again and at the time I was about to begin working for Coach and needed work clothing. I was 23 at the time and had never really been helped by a sales associate. SHe spent over two hours with me. It is an exceptional company with exceptional people and I would love to be apart of that culture and grow with it.
I, as well as many members of my family have been shopping at Nordstrom for many years. Although it is not always in my budget, I always observing the styles that are produced.
Nordstrom has been reviewed as one of the top 100 companies to work for and it is also a leader in fashion and cosmetics, I know they even started as a shoe company in seattle so that is pretty inspiring how a leading company started as just a shoe store.
I have the talent, committment, and drive to be a successful addition to the Nordstrom staff.
I love to talk to customer and help them look and feel good about themselves.
Nordstrom is number one in my option when it comes to costumer service. Why wouldn't I want to work for the best?
I have firsthand been around how customer service and communication servicing is so important and I really love how Nordstroms keeps that as a priority.
Nordstrom has an excellent reputation for the quality of its product as well as its customer service. I want to be a part of a company with that sort of reputation.
The Company has a great image and a strong foundation. I am looking for stability, I Would just want to be apart of that.
Nordstrom is a nations fashion speciality retailer.. It has an excellent reputation for great products&excellent customer service..
I want to work at nordstrom because my values align with the company, I strive on customer service and recognition, this is something that I've known your company to exceed at and i'd like to add value to your company moving forward.

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