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Pediatric Nurse Interview Questions

30 Pediatric Nurse Interview Questions
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Would you comfortable responding to CODES in our hospital?
How to Answer
Responding to a code blue or code pink can shake you to your core. The most important thing to relay to your interviewer is that you stay calm and gather the facts. Let the interviewer know that you currently train weekly/monthly on these codes, how to respond and work through a number of situations for practice.

Answer Example
"I am comfortable responding to CODES. Every situation is different, gives the opportunity to work as a team and there is always something to learn from each situation."
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Have you ever filled the role of a family advocate?
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As a Pediatric Nurse, you serve as a family advocate, communicator, liaison, educator, interpreter, and caregiver. You promote, advocate for, and strives to protect the health, safety, and rights of your patient. Many times the youngest of patients have been traumatized by child abuse, sexual assault or exposure to violence or homicide. It is your job to stand up and advocate for the child. Let the interviewer know that you will provide educational and supportive resources to the families, answers questions, and provide guidance throughout the process.

Answer Example
"I serve as the family advocate every time I have a warm handoff to another medical provider. It is important to me to be able to represent the patient and be a part of providing the best healthcare to the patient."
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What questions do you have for us?
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How to Answer
Now is your time to get answers to your questions that have come up based on your grueling interview. Steer clear of salary, benefit and other questions that might make you sound pushy or that you are trying to negotiate the terms of a job that hasn't been offered to you yet. Take this time to clarify questions of what hours you will be working, what type of patients they see most of and why the interviewer enjoys working for this hospital.

Answer Example
"Why do you enjoy working here?"
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Do you consider yourself a good leader?
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How to Answer
As a Pediatric Nurse, you know that you have to be a good follower in order to be a good leader. Tell the interviewer about the characteristics you possess as a good leader. Do you listen and empower your co-workers when working within a multi-disciplinary team? Is your work ethic and integrity one that other's strive to learn? Tell the interviewer about a time that you led your team to success. Do you have a past supervisor that can validate your leadership capabilities? Leave that letter of recommendation in the hands of the interviewer at the end of the interview.

Answer Example
"I do consider myself a good leader. Although I haven't held a supervisory role, I do have the qualities that a good leader should have. I listen and empower my coworkers and work alongside them to help them get the job done."
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Describe a time that you made a suggestion in the work place.
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How to Answer
Tell the interviewer about a time you improved a process in your last job. Do you best to make it a process improvement within the medical career field- this will relate best to the position you are interviewing for and give the interviewer an idea of what you capable of contributing to their company. Did you same money with the last suggestion you made? Save time? When you tell your story, be sure to tell who it impacted. The interviewer will be ecstatic to hear that it not only helped you do your job but helped other staff members do their job too! Remember- you are a new set of eyes, let them know you're excited to help improve the section if needed too.
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Author of Pediatric Nurse Answers and Questions

Heather Douglass
Heather Douglass has over 20 years experience recruiting and hiring candidates. She has a knack for resume writing. You can find her on twitter at @heatherinidaho.
First written on: 02/09/2017
Last modified on: 08/30/2018

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About Pediatric Nurse

August 21st, 2018

Pediatric Nurses devote their knowledge and skills to caring for children from infancy through the late teen years. Pediatric nurses perform physical examinations, measure vital statistics, take blood and urine samples and order diagnostic tests. In addition to clinical duties, Pediatric Nurses educate parents about how to care for their children. Prevention and health education is a big part of pediatric nursing. Pediatric nurses work in doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, surgical centers. Pediatric nurses also work in schools, private practice, community groups and other organizations that provide outpatient and preventive health care services for children.

If you've always liked animal stethoscope covers, finger puppets for cranial nerve tests and you find missing quarters in children's ears you're a Pediatric Nurse with wild imagination and a passion for helping children. Your Critical-Thinking Skills are top notch as a Pediatric nurse. The candidates ability to assess the patient's health, detect changes in symptoms, health or pain, and know when action is necessary are vital in this role. As a Pediatric Nurse you've earned your bachelor's in nursing.

Being a Pediatric Nurse is all about compassion, patience and being calm under pressure. Have a few brief situational stories in your back pocket to share with the interviewer. The interviewer will see you're good on paper, they will want to hear about situations you excelled in as well as struggled with. How is your mental endurance? Do you thrive in a fast paced environment? Show the interviewer that you can think on your feet and make good decisions.