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To help you prepare for your Enrolled Nursing Assistant interview, here are 20 interview questions and answer examples.

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Do you have any questions about the job description here at Harmon House?

Yes. You do. And this is your time to ask the reasonable, thought-out questions you've prepared in advance. That means you've done your homework and read the job description and online reviews available and organized the most meaningful questions because you cannot ask them all. Usually, this question comes at the end of the interview, so listen carefully to everything they have told you because usually most of your questions will have been answered. This is not the time to ask random nonsensical questions that showcase your lack of preparation.

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20 Enrolled Nursing Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

  • 1. Do you have any questions about the job description here at Harmon House?

  • 2. How do you think the bulk of your patients would describe you?

  • 3. What would you do if you witness one of your CNA coworkers be abrupt and impatient with a patient?

  • 4. What are some personality characteristics would you bring that would enhance the workplace environment?

  • 5. How do you enter a patient's room?

  • 6. Have you ever been disciplined or at risk of losing your certification for any reason?

  • 7. This position requires bending, lifting, standing, and transferring patients. Is there anything that we need to know that may prohibit you from performing these duties?

  • 8. What was your favorite topic in your coursework for certification?

  • 9. How would you handle a patient who refused care?

  • 10. How do you feel about rotating shifts?

  • 11. Tell us about yourself.

  • 12. How do you function as a member of the healthcare team?

  • 13. How much supervision do you feel you require initially?

  • 14. Can you tell us about a weakness?

  • 15. Can you describe your strengths?

  • 16. Are there any assigned duties that you are unable or willing to perform?

  • 17. Why do you think you would be a good fit for our organization?

  • 18. What kind of experience do you have working in patient care?

  • 19. Why did you decide to become a CNA?

  • 20. What are your qualifications?