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To help you prepare for your Nurse Fellowship interview, here are 35 interview questions and answer examples.

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Tell us how you would handle a situation during Nurse Fellowship training in which you are pressed for time and it would be easier for you to provide care to your patients if you did not follow established procedures and protocols.

Procedures and protocols established for nursing professionals are in place to protect the patient, the nurse, and the facility, and they are not meant to be violated out of convenience. Violating such a procedure or protocol puts many individuals at risk, and nurses should always follow these guidelines to the best of their ability. The interviewers ask this question to determine if you understand the importance of established protocols and procedures and to hear that you will always follow them as you train in their Nurse Fellowship program, even in times when you are busy.

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35 Nurse Fellowship Interview Questions & Answers

  • 1. Tell us how you would handle a situation during Nurse Fellowship training in which you are pressed for time and it would be easier for you to provide care to your patients if you did not follow established procedures and protocols.

  • 2. Talk about a time where you had to handle an irate patient. How did you handle that situation and what were the results?

  • 3. During you career as a registered nurse, have you been open to participating on any project teams or other administrative projects?

  • 4. Talk about a time that you had to deal with a significant change in your work procedures or in your workplace. How did you handle that change?

  • 5. What makes you the ideal candidate to join our Nurse Fellowship program?

  • 6. What professional nursing organizations do you belong to and which ones would you like to join in the future?

  • 7. How will you approach coming into Nurse Fellowship onto a team of nurses who have been working together for quite some time, who have already solidified their working relationships, and who clinically, have a very specific way of doing things?

  • 8. Have you ever had a time where you were proud of your healthcare team? What role did you play in that effort?

  • 9. How do you approach the documentation of patient records? Do you have specific strategies that you use?

  • 10. Describe your typical relationship with the physicians you have worked with throughout your career. What would your ideal physician relationship be while training in our Nurse Fellowship program?

  • 11. Tell me about a time in your nursing career when you made a big mistake. How did you handle the situation?

  • 12. How do you respond to situations where new technology is introduced that significantly changes your work?

  • 13. Nurse Fellowship training can be extremely stressful. What do you think your personality strengths are that will enable you to handle this stress well?

  • 14. Describe a time you set a goal for yourself on the job and achieved it. What did you do to ensure that you met your goal?

  • 15. How would you handle a situation during Nurse Fellowship training where you disagreed with the team consensus on how to handle a situation?

  • 16. Throughout your career, how have you handled being asked to complete nursing tasks you had never done before?

  • 17. Describe a situation where it may be appropriate to use humor in the workplace when training as a Nurse Fellow.

  • 18. What kinds of review questions would you ask yourself after dealing with a difficult situation in Nurse Fellowship training?

  • 19. Who in your life has been the biggest mentor or inspiration to you?

  • 20. What is motivating you to pursue additional training in our Nurse Fellowship program?

  • 21. You see a nurse colleague pretend to give a narcotic to a patient while her back is turned to you. Then you see the medication in her pocket. What do you do?

  • 22. What do you feel is your greatest non-medical strength you can bring to our Nurse Fellowship program?

  • 23. What drove you to pursue a career in nursing?

  • 24. What do you feel is your greatest nursing weakness, and how would you correct it during your time in our Nurse Fellowship program?

  • 25. What has been your biggest ethical challenge thus far in your nursing career?

  • 26. Are there any specific things you would like to focus on learning during your time training in Nurse Fellowship?

  • 27. Outside of your nursing career, what are your hobbies and interests?

  • 28. Take some time to walk us through your formal education to this point. How will your path help you succeed in training as a Nurse Fellow?

  • 29. If becoming a registered nurse was off the table as a career option for you, what career path would you have chosen outside of medicine?

  • 30. How have you handled stressful workloads throughout your career and how will you manage the high amounts of day to day stress that are a part of training in our Nurse Fellowship program?

  • 31. What do you believe is the greatest challenge the nursing field will face in the coming years?

  • 32. Anyone that joins our Nurse Fellowship must pass a required criminal record check and education verification. Is there any reason you would not be comfortable with this?

  • 33. To find success in our Nurse Fellowship training program, communication skills are essential. How would you describe your communication skills on the job?

  • 34. How will you work effectively and collaboratively as part of a larger care team as a Nurse Fellow with our program?

  • 35. If you joined our Nurse Fellowship program and didn't know the answer to something, what resources would you use to find the right answer?