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Food Service Manager Interview

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How are your communication skills?
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I am an active listener and a people oriented person. I like to help others when needed, maintain a positive environment, and leave people with constructive solutions. I am flexible about feedbacks and have the ability to share my thoughts and opinions with the respect of the team.
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Tell me about previous experiences in the food industry.
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Describe your leadership skills.
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I used to be a Co-coordinator for S.N.D.A club at Fresno State. I provided people as much information as possible about nutrition, monthly cancer awareness and any general health topics. I tried to provide helpful and practical tips related to their daily lifestyles. I helped my Coordinator brainstormed about our weekly events and helped influenced our student community to eat a healthier meal.
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What is the most rewarding part of being in the food industry?
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Why should we consider you for this position?
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What qualities should a food service manager have?
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Food Service Manager should have good Leadership skills, Team Management Skills, Should be a Role model to other employees of food service department. FSM should have.
Knowledge of food, have good people skills. Be a good listener and have the ability to multitask when and where needed.
Positive motivation, time goal oriented, an effective communicator, problem solving skills, the ability to adapt.
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How important is customer service to you?
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List some qualities you feel are extremely important as a supervisor and describe what experience you have supervising others.
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1 time management 2. Leadership 3.Actively listening 4. Actively Learning 5.Prioritization skills.
Strong communication skills, optimism, business ethics and the ability to be personable. I have observed that most failures in management is due to a lack of communication on various levels.
Leadership, communication. Supervisor eight years.
Honest, Reliable, Open-Minded, Cultural Competent, and patience. When I was still a college student, I have managed a small group of classmates from 3-5 people. My group and I was assigned to complete a big project at the end of our Food System Management to cook an entree and two side dishes including a theme. I ensure that each individual was given a specific task, instructions, and agree to the estimated deadline. I allowed my team to contributed their ideas, creative thoughts, and solutions.
Vigilant, should have good aesthetic sense, should know about the food service operations.
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Are you familiar with any menu planning systems and if so please describe?
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I am familiar with any menu planning systems. When I took a Sport and Nutrition Class, my teammates and I was assigned to come up with a diet plan for our imaginary young wrestler. I learned to used cengage program to input the food and drink intake in order to calculate it's macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, and other nutrition values. I also, did my own 3-days diet analysis; where I try to maintain my daily calories including my daily movements.
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Describe your leadership style.
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Strong pernsolity and serious.
I am a determine women, active listener, and a natural leader. My words matches my action and I always like to plan things ahead of time. When working with a group of people, for example, with my classmates. I am usually the person who divided the work, make the next and future meetings, and continue to keep in touch with everyone on their progress of completing the tasks.
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What would be your approach to making changes in existing programs, procedures and practices?
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I want to ensure that all employees understand why things needs to be changed around. I want to ensure that they have the knowledge and feel comfortable to carry out the tools.
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How would our restaurant be a more productive place if we are to hire you as a Food Service Manager?
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How do you work in a supervisory role without making adversaries?
User-Submitted Answers
I will do my best at remembering all the hardworking employees and acknowledge their contributions to help maintain the success of the company. I would like to keep up-dates with the team meetings to have them share their opinions, discuss about their work, and provide them constructive solutions. I like to keep an open-door policy with my employees and show them that we are all on the same team; reaching for the same goals.
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What is your experience in planning, ordering, and record keeping in a business or organization?
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Why should we hire you?
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Why do you want to be a food service manager?
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Tell us why you have applied for this position?
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What is the most difficult part of being in the food industry?
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What do you like least about the food industry?
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What do you like most about the food industry?

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