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What draws you to a job in food services?

"I've always really loved food, and I love talking to people about food. When my friends and I go out to restaurants together, I have a bad habit of telling them what to order or ordering for them. That's really the thing that I love most about working as a server: I love making connections with customers based on our common love of food, and I love making recommendations to customers based on what kinds of dishes they enjoy."

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25 Olive Garden Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. What draws you to a job in food services?

  • 2. Tell me about a time when you led a team. What was your biggest success factor?

  • 3. If you had a co-worker call in sick and you were asked to take over their project requiring overtime from you, how would you react? Where do you draw the line when it comes to being a team player?

  • 4. What do you think of our company culture?

  • 5. How do you handle stress on the job?

  • 6. How do you handle customer complaints?

  • 7. What do you think about Olive Garden's guiding principles?

  • 8. What are your salary expectations?

  • 9. Tell me about your leadership qualities.

  • 10. Do you enjoy working on a team?

  • 11. Tell me about the best job you ever had. What made it so special?

  • 12. What questions do you have for me?

  • 13. Why do you think people choose to dine at Olive Garden?

  • 14. What do you feel is the most important characteristic in order to be successful with Olive Garden?

  • 15. At Olive Garden we invest a lot of time into our loss prevention program. What would you do if you caught a co-worker stealing?

  • 16. Are you interested in Olive Garden's Manager-In-Training program?

  • 17. Why is this position at Olive Garden right for you at this time in your career?

  • 18. We offer flexible schedules every night of the week at Olive Garden. Talk to the interviewer about your schedule.

  • 19. Tell me about your last visit to an Olive Garden location.

  • 20. Tell me about a time a manager critiqued your work.

  • 21. At Olive Garden, we value our customers and always put them first. How do you define exceptional service?

  • 22. Are you prepared to undergo Olive Garden's rigorous industry training program?

  • 23. We hold each other to High Standards at Olive Garden. Do you consider yourself to be honest and trustworthy?

  • 24. What does 'Hospitaliano' mean to you?

  • 25. Why do you want to work with Olive Garden?