Bartending Interview Questions

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How do you make a White Russian?

Bartending Interview Questions

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    How do you make a White Russian?

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    Why did you leave your last bartending job?

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    Do you have any flaring techniques?

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    Your drawer is $44.21 short, how would you explain this? What would you do to correct something like this in the future?

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    If your car broke down on the way to work, what would you do?

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    How do you feel about serving drinks in a heavy volume environment?

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    Are you flexible to work any shift?

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    How do you make an Irish Car Bomb?

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    How do you make a Dirty Martini?

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    Do you enjoy socializing with strangers?

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    This is a coveted bartending gig. Why should we hire you?

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    Explain the differences between a wheat beer, a pale ale and an IPA?

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    Tell me about your previous bartending experience.

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    How do you treat customers on special occasions, like birthdays and bachelorette parties?

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    How do you make a Whiskey Sour?

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    How do you decide which customers to serve first when the bar is packed?

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    If you see a fight start across the bar, do you act or do you wait until the bouncers take care of it?

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    When you go above and beyond for a customer and they don't tip well, how do you handle it?

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    Tell me about the garnishes you enjoy using for various cocktails.

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    How do you make a Cosmopolitan Martini?

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    How do you avoid serving to minors?

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    How do you use your time on a slow shift?

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    What is your favorite drink with vodka?

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    What techniques do you use to upsell?

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    Besides making drinks, what roles do you think bartenders serve?

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    How do you make a Washington Apple?

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    Explain to me how you properly stir a cocktail.

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    How do you make a Johnny Vegas drink?

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    How do you engage with customers while making and serving drinks?

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    How do you garnish a Manhattan?