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32 Baker Interview Questions

By: Rachelle Enns

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Do you enjoy decorating cakes and cupcakes?
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Do you fully enjoy decorating cakes and cupcakes? What do you enjoy about it, and what do you find most challenging? Tell the hiring manager if decorating cupcakes and cakes is something that you enjoy.

If you do enjoy decorating: 'I really do enjoy decorating cakes and cupcakes and most people that I have worked with consider it my forte. The detail and attention that needs to go into a properly decorated cake is quite surprising to some. It's a highly technical skill.'

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Have you ever done any marketing for your former or current bakery?
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Do you understand how to market on social media platforms, locally, and within your current database? Talk to the hiring manager about the types of initiatives you have taken on within marketing.

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Sometimes our bakery gets crowded. Will you get stressed out if a line starts forming?
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Give the hiring manager an example of a time when you were able to flawlessly manage a large crowd or line in your bakery.

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How do you keep organized while baking? How do you keep a schedule for what needs to be done?
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Talk to the hiring manager about your organizational skills and how you remain on schedule.

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Have you ever had a rude customer? How did you deal with them?
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In customer service, you will sometimes come across customers who are rude, complain, or cannot be pleased. Talk to the hiring manger about your customer service philosophy, and how you go about handling rude customers.

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First written on: 09/12/2010
Last modified on: 11/28/2018

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About Baker

November 28th, 2018

In professional kitchens, bakers are responsible for baking a wide range of savory and sweet baked items, from bread, pies, and rolls to cakes, cookies, and pastries. Their tasks include measuring and combining the ingredients, and setting up and operating the baking equipment. They also inspect the quality of the raw ingredients, develop new recipes, and oversee the finished product. They are responsible for all baking related activities from start to finish.
A high school diploma is the minimum educational qualification required for this role, though more established outfits may require applicants to have some kind of formal culinary training with a focus on baking. Bakers must have excellent critical thinking, decision making, active learning and time-management skills. They must also be creative and have good aesthetic sense.
Prospective employers will ask you why you chose to become a professional baker and what is your experience in this field. They will want to know if you specialize in baking savory or sweet items or both and if you see yourself doing this for the next few years. What about your long term career goals? Being prepared with your replies can help you come across as more confident and compelling during your interview. To be better prepared for your interview, practice your answers to the questions listed at Mock Questions.