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Tell me about an achievement you are proud of. What skills did you use to achieve this goal?

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    Tell me about an achievement you are proud of. What skills did you use to achieve this goal?

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    Without any job experience, why should we hire you for the position of dishwasher?

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    There are many openings in the area, for kitchen staff. Why do you want to work at our restaurant, specifically?

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    What causes you to feel dissatisfied on the job?

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    Speed is an important factor to your success as a dishwasher. Are you efficient with your time?

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    Have you requested extra responsibilities in any of your previous roles?

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    We are looking for a reliable dishwasher. How would you describe your work ethic?

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    Being a Dishwasher requires strong commitment to our restaurant's hours. Would you be willing to work over 40 hours a week?

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    Clear communication is incredibly important in a kitchen setting. Rate your communication skills from 1-10.

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    Why do you want this job as a dishwasher?

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    Walk me through your experience and training as a dishwasher.

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    Working in a kitchen environment can be stressful. How do you manage stress in your daily work?

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    What would your friends say are 3 of your best qualities?

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    We put a lot of emphasis on the cleanliness of our restaurants. How important is cleanliness to you?

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    Give me an example of a time when you went above and beyond.

  16. 16.

    Do you prefer doing work on a routine day-to-day basis or do you prefer mixing up your routine occasionally?

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    Think about a difficult boss, professor or coworker. What made him or her difficult? How did you successfully interact with this person?

  18. 18.

    What are your career aspirations beyond this job?

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    What type of work environment do you dislike working in?

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    How many days were you absent from work last year?

  21. 21.

    What questions do you have for me?

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    Have you ever taken the fall for a situation, where it was really not your fault, in order to protect a coworker?

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    Being a dishwasher is a physical job. Are you able to bend and lift frequently, as well as stand for long periods of time?

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    When have you had to lead by example?

  25. 25.

    Why are you looking for a job?

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    Do you have reliable transportation?

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    What are your salary expectations?

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    We want to fill this dishwasher position right away. When would you be available to start?

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    Do you have any relevant work experience?

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    What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

  31. 31.

    Why did you leave your last job?

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    Tell me about a time when you took charge of a meeting. Was the outcome a positive one?