Insurance Sales Agent Interview Questions

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Do you enjoy socializing with customers?

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As long as it is on a professional level it can be helpful wiith the sale.

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    Do you enjoy socializing with customers?

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    How would you describe your attitude?

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    Do you enjoy talking to strangers?

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    Insurance is a heavily competing industry and it's important to know our competitors. Who are they?

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    Do you take pride in your work? Are you confident you can sell?

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    What attracted you to the insurance industry?

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    Why are you a good seller?

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    How well are you familiar with homeowners insurance?

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    What sales experience do you have?

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    Do you feel our agency and insurance company is one of the best?

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    What knowledge do you have in insurance?

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    What skills do you possess that you believe will help you sell?

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    Why do you think you would be a good insurance sales agent?

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    What insurance products do we sell at our company?

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    Why do insurance companies spend so much on advertising?

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    Are you comfortable making cold calls?

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    What market would you start targeting?

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    What area could you improve as a sales person?

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    What do you enjoy most about selling?

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    What do you dislike the most about a sales position?

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    Do you enjoy working independently?

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    Being an insurance sales agent, can come with a big paycheck, are you in this just for the money or do you care about customers and our company?