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We pride ourselves on our interdepartmental teamwork here at Societe Generale. If hired for this role, what kind of team player could we expect you to be?

"My colleagues that I work closely with would tell you that I'm knowledgeable in my area of expertise to contribute to the much larger team and do so without hesitation. As well, I'm able to communicate effectively, take direction and run with when needed and always willing to help out other areas if I have free time. I understand that I would be working very closely with the Advising staff here at Societe Generale and know that they would have high expectations out of my work."

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28 Societe Generale Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. We pride ourselves on our interdepartmental teamwork here at Societe Generale. If hired for this role, what kind of team player could we expect you to be?

  • 2. At Societe Generale, your job as a Risk Analyst would entail keeping a close eye on interest rates for our clients. How do you think interest rates will trend in the next year?

  • 3. Pretend an old friend just awoke from a coma that lasted over 30 years. How would you describe the internet to them?

  • 4. If you were having an interaction with a client here at Societe Generale and you weren't able to answer their question or solve their problem on your own, how would you handle that situation?

  • 5. The clients of a financial firm like Societe Generale can display an arrange of emotions when they work with our Client Services team. How would you handle a situation where a client was very angry?

  • 6. What qualities do you feel a successful manager should have?

  • 7. Among the common issues that are faced by Data Analysts in their work, which one or two problems do you feel really challenge analysts in the financial industry?

  • 8. What statistical analysis tools do you have experience working with?

  • 9. What statistical models are you familiar with and which do you feel would best apply to the financial field here at Societe Generale?

  • 10. If you joined the team here at Societe Generale, how would you build relationships with those that you would be working closely with?

  • 11. If hired to this role here at Societe Generale, what do you see as one initial hurdle you will have to overcome in your first weeks on the job?

  • 12. At Societe Generale, our clients look to us to help find new and creative ways to save tax dollars. Have you ever had a unique situation where you helped an organization save tax dollars through your work and insight?

  • 13. The day-to-day life at Societe Generale can be hectic and stressful at times. If hired for this role, how would you keep yourself motivated when working with stressed colleagues and pushy clients?

  • 14. How many boxes of macaroni n' cheese were eaten in the United States last year?

  • 15. In working with financial data here at Societe Generale, what are the steps you would take in the data validation process as part of your work?

  • 16. As a Business Analyst at Societe Generale, you will be tasked with working with diverse teams of stakeholders on different projects. How do you handle stakeholders that are difficult and bullheaded?

  • 17. At Societe Generale, we expect our Business Analysts to put extra emphasis into the risk management aspects of their project work. How have you performed risk mitigation and risk avoidance in your previous roles as a Business Analyst?

  • 18. In this role with Societe Generale, we will rely on your analytical reporting skills on a regular basis. Why do you feel analytical reporting is important in the financial field?

  • 19. Think back over your career up to today and tell me about the most difficult day on the job you encountered. What made the day difficult and how did you handle that situation?

  • 20. How do you believe your coworkers would describe you?

  • 21. At Societe Generale we put a lot of value in the continued training of our employees. If you could expand your knowledge in any financial service area, which would you choose?

  • 22. One huge philosophy that we believe in at Societe Generale is professional development. How have you worked to develop yourself professionally throughout your career?

  • 23. We pride ourselves on teamwork here at Societe Generale and this role in Client Services relies on teamwork. What are the top qualities you would bring to a team based atmosphere here?

  • 24. At Societe Generale, we pride ourselves on providing the best overall customer experience. Talk about your customer service experience and explain why it will help our clients here.

  • 25. Here at Societe Generale, we are expecting someone with strong leadership skills to take this role. How would you describe your management style?

  • 26. What software programs do you use in your current work and how adaptable would you say that you are in learning and using new programs?

  • 27. What is your familiarity with debt-to-equity ratios and what would you consider a good debt-to-equity ratio?

  • 28. As a consultant here at Societe Generale, you will have the opportunity to work with many accounting departments on tax filing for their business. When called upon, how would you go about verifying the accuracy of an accounting department?