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Describe in detail your recent actuarial/excel projects?

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1. I trade some of the stocks.

2. So far, I have had a basic excel project in my computer information systems class. We were required to use the AverageIF, SumIf, and GoalSeek functions in addition to pie graphs, pivot tables, and bar graphs in order to determine financial decisions for a specific company.

3. I really enjoy working with excel and access to solve quantitative problems. I took a class in college Information Technology Management and we learned how to solve financial and accounting problems through excel quickly and efficiently. I know this sounds weird, but I almost found it as a game and thought of it as fun as I worked to beat the clock to solve analytical problems. On excel, we made amortization tables, pivot tables, macros, and formulas to efficiently solve problems.

4. I worked as an actuarial intern at foresea life insurance. I got a chance to assisted the team with building pricing model of a twenty year endowment insurance. At first we needed to identify the factors which we need to consider in the model such as gender, age, car accident rate, mortality rate and so on. And then we needed to write an actuarial report which demonstrated all the terms and conditions for this product. After that, we built an model in excel as well as with prophet.

5. Mortality investigation.

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Actuary Interview Questions

  • 1. Describe in detail your recent actuarial/excel projects?

  • 2. Tell me about your computer skills.

  • 3. What was your biggest mistake in your past job?

  • 4. Did you have any jobs while in school?

  • 5. How soon can you start?

  • 6. How do you deal with difficult people?

  • 7. How did you hear about actuarial science?

  • 8. What distinguishes you from twenty other people who can do the same tasks you can?

  • 9. What type of work do you like to do best?

  • 10. Did you have any jobs while in school?

  • 11. What is your ideal company to work for like?

  • 12. Tell me about a situation in which you persuaded a large group of people to change their course of action?

  • 13. What area of the actuarial field are you looking at?

  • 14. What was your least favorite college course?

  • 15. Describe a recent important decision you've made?

  • 16. Describe a situation in life that portrays your communication skills?

  • 17. What do you know about our company?

  • 18. Do you plan on taking any more actuarial exams in the future?

  • 19. What do you do in your free time?

  • 20. What is your favorite part about statistics?

  • 21. What organizations did you partake in as a college student?

  • 22. What classes did you like most in college?

  • 23. What makes you like numbers? When did you realize you enjoyed math?

  • 24. What languages can you program in?

  • 25. How familiar are you with Excel? If I asked you to take a competency exam in Excel, would you be okay with it?

  • 26. How familiar are you in Access?

  • 27. Tell me why I should hire you over all of these applicants?

  • 28. Why do you want to be an Actuary?

  • 29. What are your goals in life?

  • 30. Do you follow up on current events? What is your favorite news source?

  • 31. Tell me about a time when you had to work in a group?

  • 32. Tell me about a time when you had to work hard to achieve your goals?

  • 33. Tell me about your computer skills.

  • 34. What was your biggest mistake in your past job?

  • 35. What was your greatest accomplishment in your past job?