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Bobbi Witt is an HR Manager and Senior Level Finance and Accounting Consultant. Her experience includes 9 years at a Fortune 500 company where she held a wide range of financial and management accountabilities.

Bobbi has been a finance manager for over 15 years, with direct recruiting and hiring experience in her field. Additionally, she helps young graduates prepare for their job searches by reviewing resumes, doing mock interviews, and providing guidance.

Bobbi contributed to MockQuestions in 2018, completing popular interview question and answer sets such as Finance, Accounting, and Accounts Receivable Specialist.

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Have you ever had a conflict with a boss? How was it resolved?
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"I had a conflict with a manager earlier in my career. One of our team members skipped out on work six times in one month, and I was always asked to cover their shift last minute. I was frustrated and could not understand why my manager wasn't just terminating the employee. I reacted hastily, and the manager patiently reminded me that he had his reasons. He explained that he asked me to cover the shifts because he liked me and I was reliable. It turns out the absent employee had serious health concerns, and our manager was trying to be empathetic without disclosing the situation to our team. I felt terrible and learned that sometimes things aren't always as they seem. I apologized, and all was well."

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June 13th, 2018
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