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Edward Danganan
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C. Edward Danganan has over 22 years of IT experience as a developer and later as a group leader and manager. Early in my career, I developed web applications based on Classic ASP and then server-side Java and later on the various versions of the .NET framework, coupled with Sql Server sql programming. As CTO of, I developed mobile web applications as a SaaS offering for the B2B market.

As the manager of application development teams at the University of Chicago and Jenner & Block LLP, I have conducted numerous technical interviews in order to select the best candidates for highly functional and productive teams at those organizations. I am also Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) and currently pursuing Azure certification. Though it is important to know the technical and syntactical elements of your programming language of choice, it is equally as important to be able to explain why you chose to take the approach that you did and to be able to clearly articulate your thinking process to a technical interviewer. As a hiring manager, I would also want to know how well you work with other people, both with other developers and with non-technical people, such as business analysts and project managers. With the questions I propose, I hope to offer software developer candidates an insight of what to expect from an interviewer, both from a technical and non-technical point of view.
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