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William Swansen
Meet William
William Swansen is an Author, Job Search Strategist and Career Advisor who assists individuals from all over the world and in a variety of professions in finding their ideal career position.

His Services include:
• Resume Writing
• Cover Letter Writing
• Updating your LinkedIn profile and teaching you how to make it work for you
• Identifying Employers, including Hiring Managers and their Contact Information
• Interview Preparation, Practice and Follow Up
• Job Search Coaching

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Tell me about the project you are most proud of and what your contribution was.
William's Top Answer
"One of the projects I am most proud of involved converting a company's telecommunications system from a PBX to VoIP. When planning and executing this project, I had to overcome several challenges, including resistance from the employees to have to learn a new technology as well as some technical issues which made the conversion difficult. However, I engaged each of the department heads in the planning process, soliciting their input and getting their buy in to the transition based on the business benefits the company would realize. My team and I completed the project one week ahead of schedule and on budget. The training we provided the company's users made for a smooth transition to the new system. Within three months, we realized the cost savings we had projected, and the company's productivity increased due to the technical features the VoIP system offered. Even the user resistance diminished over time."
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