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Why do you think nurses often report experiencing 'burn out' and what do you do to help try to prevent that?

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Pediatric Nurse Interview Questions

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    Why do you think nurses often report experiencing 'burn out' and what do you do to help try to prevent that?

      Being a healthcare provider is a great responsibility. Unfortunately, because of the great responsibility, many providers do report experiencing the need to take a break. The interviewer wants to know that you are capable of handling stress and that you know when to ask for help.

      Heather's Answer

      "I understand how some healthcare providers can experience burn out. It has nothing to do with wanting to change professions or leave a job. Sometimes it's just hard to lose patients or to feel like we can't save them all. I try to schedule myself some personal time, whether its a few days away when I am off work or going hiking. Anything to help create some balance in my life."

      Darby's Answer

      "I had a great mentor when I was in nursing school. She told me if I didn't remember anything else she told me, that I should always remember to take care of myself. I have grown to understand what she meant. If we are bogged down physically and emotionally, it is easy to become overwhelmed and experience feeling burned out."

      Darby's Answer

      "Unfortunately, I can speak from experience about burn out. When I was a new nurse, I thought I could work all the time and that I was invincible. I lost several patients within a short period of time and the toll of the loss was very overwhelming to me. Since then, I have learned how to work hard, but to also work hard at caring for myself as well."

      Anonymous Answer

      "I think nurses experience burnout because it is not an easy job. It can be an emotionally and physically draining job at times, which is why it is crucial to take care of yourself and to remember the reasons why you love your job. After a rough day, I also write down the positive things that happened before going to bed."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Excellent answer! Offering insight into your own routine is a very nice touch.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "Nurses are very passionate people and truly love what they do. We put some much into our work to help others. I believe we forget to take time for ourselves. I love to take vacations or bake to help prevent burn out."

      Lauren's Answer

      Terrific response; you demonstrate a level of introspection and reflection to safeguard against burn out in order to stay healthy. I enhanced your response slightly.

      "Over the years, I have experienced many colleagues who have burnt out. Nurses are very passionate people, and we genuinely love what we do. We put so much time, focus, attention, and energy into helping others, that we sometimes forget to nurture ourselves. Having a healthy work-life balance allows me to safeguard against burn out. I love to bake, take vacations, and decompress with family and friends."

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