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What is your homework philosophy?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Math Teacher interview

How to Answer

Good answers here will focus on consistency and self-reflection, to some extent. Show the interviewer that you're not a lenient teacher and expect students to be responsible.

What is your homework philosophy?
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"My homework philosophy is: do it to the best of your ability. If there's a problem you can't solve, work halfway through it, show your work, and mark it so you can bring your questions to class. If there are answers in the book and they're asked to check, I do expect them to check and go through their work again so we can use class time efficiently and so students can keep track of their own progress."

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What is your homework philosophy?
Students should be able to complete their homework in an amount of time that is appropriate for their age and grade. The homework should offer them practice to reinforce the lesson that was taught in class, and they should be able to do it independently.
Homework is essential for building on the knowledge learnt at school and helping the teacher parent relationship by allowing parents to see what their children are doing.
Flexibility, energy and enthusiasm.
Create enjoyment in a class.
Understand and remember instead of making copies and mugging.
Students new to practice but also need to be able to practice correctly. I post answers on my webpage for students to use.
Do check their understanding about the subject.
Math requires more self practice so few numbers must be given as homework.
Study, understand, comply.
Homework is important for students because it allows additional practice of the skill or concept with home support. Homework should take the student around 40-50 minutes per night on average. It should start at 10 minutes in K and increase 10 minutes each grade level.
I give HW to teach responsibility but not overwhelming.
In mathematics need every day practice .
Homework on a regular basis that covers material instructed and would be on test.
Daily review not to exceed 30 minutes.
I is important to reinforce class work should be reviewed at begining of class.
I do not believe in giving homework for the sake of giving homework. I believe homework should be given when new concepts are introduced and when students are having difficulties with concepts being taught.
Some homework is needful to check for understanding and for students to see if they can do the assignments.
I feel like homework is part of the learning process. I plan to give homework that is relevant to what was taught in class.

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