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12 GED Teacher Interview Questions

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What teaching experience do you have?
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My experience has been in a public classroom setting. Instruct and design individual education plans and evaluate their process. Maintain high student interest level through discovery activities and hands on learning. Recognize for using effective classroom procedures and appropriate student discipline.
I have 4 years of teaching experience at the middle school level full time. I have 5 years of teaching assistant and substitute teaching.
I have 6 months experience interning with 6th graders where my mentor teacher actually gave me complete authority in her class. After that I obtained 2 years teaching experience in a 6th grade math class where I taught four different classes a day, all different levels.
I have been a 7th grade teacher for 8 years and I have approximately 10 years of training of adults in the restaurant industry.
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Why would you make a great GED Teacher?
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I have many life experiences and education that I can share.
I have the utmost respect for adults who are brave enough to go back to school to obtain an education that will reshape their future and my students will see that.
I am patient. I am willing to teach and reteach. I am available and I believe that everyone can learn.
Because of my sense of compassion for adult learners looking to better their way of living by pursuing to better their education.
I genuinely believe in individual's ability to chose to make themselves successful and I have always had a passion for teaching adults and young adults alike. My true compassion for individuals comes across.
I am familiar with the content and I enjoy teaching people of all ages.
I will make a GREAT GED teacher because I am an educator and my goals to help students achieve their goals academically and to graduate and receive their high school diploma!
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Why did you decide to teach adults?
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Students has more to bring to the conversation.
They are my targeted audience.
I connect with them better.
I can better relate and connect with the adult or near adult population which helps develop relationships and improves student success.
I decided to teach adults because I believe that it is never too late to obtain an education and I have the utmost respect for adults who are brave enough to go back to school to better their lives.
Education is important. I will show them that they are capable and that they deserve a second chance and be part of their success.
I was raised in a very family oriented household. As the youngest of three I was able to spend the most time with my parents and saw the struggles of lacking some basic adult education needs like using technology or communicating in a different language.
I am a lifelong learner and I believe that education has the power to change lives.
I have taught adults in the past and I enjoyed it.
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What is most rewarding for you, as a teacher?
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Watching a student really get a concept and use it.
When students are able to reflect and identify the areas in which they need support/additional instruction and to receive the remediation/support and successfully master a concept.
That's tough to choose one, but I would have to finally decide on the thrill and happiness that comes from seeing a student make a connection, or have an "ah-ha" moment, which, in tern, makes them feel good about themselves.
When students understand the material and grasp the new knowledge.
Knowing that I affected a student in a positive way. Knowing that I helped a student become more confident in their learning and the future that comes ahead.
Small successes. Lighbulbs.
Establishing a report with students and helping my students reach their potential.
My students grasping and understanding everything I have taught them to help them be successful.
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What did you dislike about your current or old teaching position?
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They did not offer professional development.
I never think of disliking my job because feelings are subjective. I will say that knowing what I wanted and needed in a working environemnt caused me to make choices in changing jobs.
The pressure from standardized testing. Although I believe tests are an important tool for teachers to assess students learning, it isn't the only tool. The pressure of standardized testing in public schools, in my experience, took the emphasis of teaching away from the relationships built in the classroom, deteriorated the quality of instruction and drove teachers to simply teach the test, and that's problematic.
Nothing. Its a new experience teaching adults.
The system words doesn't always match it's action. For example, we must differentiate education but tests are standardized. And not everyone test the same.
My ability to teach in a way that my students would fully understand and not have to move on when the students are not ready because of the districts mandated pace.
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About GED Teacher

June 7th, 2017

GED teachers work with adult learners aged 16 years who missed out on continuing their education for various reasons. Their core aim is to help adult students acquire credentials that are equivalent to a high school diploma. These specialist teachers typically instruct students in the five subjects covered in the GED tests. These include reading, writing, math, science and social science.
Anyone wishing to pursue a career as a GED teacher must have at least a bachelor's degree and a state license. They must also be trained in adult education. A master's degree offers many more job opportunities. In addition to learning how to teach adult students, GED teachers must also know how to assess the test papers and help students improve their communication,problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.
The interviewing panel will ask you why you chose to become a GED teacher and if you know exactly what this role involves. Can you handle older kids? What are your strengths for this particular role? What are your weaknesses? What do you love most about being a GED teacher? Check out many more commonly asked questions at Mock Questions.