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Elementary Teacher Interview Questions

54 Elementary Teacher Interview Questions
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Do you believe you should build rapport with students? If yes, how?
How to Answer
Rapport is an important aspect of influencing others. Explain how you build rapport with students and end your response with a benefit to the students.

Answer Example
"Absolutely, rapport is very important. Students respond to teachers when they feel like the teacher really cares and has a genuine connection with them. I build rapport with them by getting to know the people in their lives during one-on-one talks. Every week, on two different days, I assign an independent activity to the class and during that time I have a chat with each student for about five minutes. I take that time to get to know them individually, so that they know that they aren't just an anonymous face in a class of 30 kids. The students usually do better because they have a direct line of communication with me that they know they can rely on."
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Question 2 of 54
How would you rank these in importance and why? Planning, discipline, methods, evaluation.
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How to Answer
Note that 'discipline' is the only character trait that is based on you. Planning, methods, and evaluation are all skills that can be taught. If you choose another aspect from the list, make sure you justify your statements with a clear explanation. It may help to think in terms of how one aspect supports or is a prerequisite for another aspect to function.

Answer Example
"Discipline is the most important because your work ethic is something that you're ingrained with. Everything else is something that can be taught. You need discipline to execute a plan, you need discipline to learn new methods, and you need discipline to implement the feedback that comes from evaluation. I'm very disciplined it shows in my dedication to my students."
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What would you do if 50% of a class did poorly on a test?
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How to Answer
It's important to show your knowledge of pedagogy. If half the class failed your test, it'd be prudent to look into your test or teaching methods. Demonstrate your professional competence by giving specific examples of what you would do.

Answer Example
"Clearly, I must've done something wrong. It's either the test or the lessons that went awry. I'd look into any issues with the test: maybe nearly got a few of the questions wrong, so that means that I either wrote a bad question or I didn't teach that topic well enough. I'd also talk to the class about the test and get some feedback."
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Question 4 of 54
How would you apply technology to enhance daily instruction and increase student learning?
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How to Answer
Start your answer off with a tool or technique that you used. Show what you did, what the students learned from it, then connect it with the top-level impact.

Answer Example
"One way that i've increased student learning is by using computer games. I teach the students about raw materials using Minecraft. I show them that in order to make glass, they need to heat up sand. This teaches them to start seeing the world in terms of inputs and outputs and how they increase value by processing raw materials. By breaking things down for them in a step-by-step manner, I was able to improve their writing ability."
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Question 5 of 54
Have you ever considered publishing a book?
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How to Answer
It's usually best to be slightly ambitious, but not overly ambitious. Give a genuine answer.

If you have considered it, go into some detail about why and position it as an aspiration that you'll take steps to achieve over the long term. The key is to show your ambition and your proactive approach, but not so much that you appear to be a flight risk. Being concrete in your steps makes you appear professional and results-oriented rather than treating objectives like pipe dreams.

If you haven't considered it, give a quick answer as to why not and quickly segue into how teaching is your passion and commitment.

Answer Example
"I think most teachers have thought about writing a book at some point in their careers. We have so many stories to tell! The thought had crossed my mind, but right now my focus is on the kids. I just want to be the best teacher I can to them."
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About Elementary Teacher

August 28th, 2017

Elementary teachers specialize in teaching students from kindergarten to fifth grade. These specialist teachers are responsible for all aspects of their students' education, from planning and delivering lessons, to assessing their students' progress and liaising with their parents. This is an immensely satisfying job but it can also be very demanding as it involves dealing with younger children for several hours at a time.
Public schools require elementary teachers to have a minimum bachelor's degree in elementary education. Majoring in a specific field such as math or English can open up more employment and advancement avenues. If you have a bachelor's degree in some other field, you can still become an elementary teacher by completing a graduate education program. Elementary teachers must be patient and empathetic and must have great communication and interpersonal skills.
Your interview will most likely be conducted by an interview panel consisting of the principal of the school, the Head of the primary section and a few other faculty members. Don't get unnerved by the number of people on the panel. Stay confident and focused on emphasizing your skills and expertise that make you the perfect candidate for the job. Before you go for the interview, spend some time practicing your answers to some of the more commonly asked questions. You can find these listed at Mock Questions.