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How many years experience do you have in agricultural?

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All of my life I have been involved in agrucultre. From teacheing, learning and running my own production farm.
I have spent 25 years in the equine industry. 5 years at Michigan State obtaining my B.S. In Animal Science. 4-5 years in 4-H and over 8 years in High School Equestrian Teams.
Winning contest and designing and making projects.
I began show animals as a child at the age of 8 and have continued my involvement throughout the years.
I have always been involved with it one way or another throughout my life. Growing up, I always had a strong interest in tractors and that continued through high school and college. My freshman year of high school I began working at a local greenhouse and gained a lot of knowledge there and for almost the last four years I have been involved in the equipment industry, having the opportunity to work at two different dealerships getting to work on several different types of equipment.
Approximately 5, including some time in veterinary hospitals as well as working in a barn with larger livestock.
I had one year experience as a primary school Teacher.
I have been privileged enough to have been raised on a show farrow to finish hobby farm, that lead me to cultivate a passion for the industry. Due to this passion, it has led me to have have experienced.
I have 10 years teaching agriculture and ten years industry experience in broad acre cropping.
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    How many years experience do you have in agricultural?

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    What experiences do you have in teaching?

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    What areas of agricultural are you most experienced in?

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    What excites you about being an Agricultural Teacher?