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What excites you about being an Agricultural Teacher?

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There are many facets about being an Ag. Teacher that excite me, from building leaders to training winning teams to traveling, but perhaps the thing that excites me the most is look on their face when I make believers out of them. Everything from classwork, contests, show projects and everything in-between.
What excites me is the fact that the industry is always changing. If I were to be hired the teach, what I teach one year could be something totally different the next. For example, tractors are becoming more complicated to work on and are now steering towards more electronically controlled systems when they used to be mainly mechanical. I'm excited at the opportunity to keep learning about the industry as it changes and being able to pass that knowledge onto students as years progress.
Being a fundamental part of a students education in agriculture. Passionate about sharing knowledge and experiences to students. Watching students learn and get excited about agriculture.
Relating content to real world experience.
Well, I consider Agriculture as a major source of food we eat, provide us with job and enable us to reduce poverty in our community. As an individual with knowledge and skills in this subject, I would like to be a teacher to educate learners and make them understand the importance of Agriculture to family, country and worldwide.
Teaching learners, theory and practice make me feel good.
Teaching them theory and practicals on a subject that provides food insecurity solution to the community, country and world excites me.
The ability to influence a growing adolescent and assist them in achieving their goals and working towards the intended career path.
Educating and molding the future of the agriculture industry.
The ability to expand the students knowledge about agriculture, most people today are so removed from agriculture they have idea how expensive it is and the importance of it. It's something anyone can be passionate about.
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    What excites you about being an Agricultural Teacher?

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