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Middle School Teacher Interview

30 Middle School Teacher Interview Questions

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What is the last book you read? When did you read it?
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The last book I read was physiological psychology. Its a text book I am reading for a class I am taking.
Enriques Journey. We read it in class with the students.
The last book I read was about Idi amin and his revoution in kampala.
The book that I read last was about a special child coping with autism spectrum.
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How well do you communicate with fellow teachers?
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I communicate well with other teachers. When teachers need help or advice, I am willing to help and vice versa.
I have a great relationship with teachers and a mutual respect for everyone I work with. We communicate openly in team meetings and if there is a problem we all try and handle it individually or as a team by the end of the work day so nothing carries on to the next day. We to team building activities and plan events outside of school to develop friendships.
I am confident and fulfill the criteria for this job.
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What techniques do you use to teach besides direct instruction?
User-Submitted Answers
Text books, computerized instructions, open discussion.
I use inquiry especially for science and math. It is important for students to try and figure out solutions to problems on their own while working in groups. They may find ther eare different methods that can be used to end up with the same answer.
Animated discussions, displays, ICT resources,
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How do you make learning fun?
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Playing games, Take a lesson and relate it real life situations.
Engaging the students with topics that they can relate to which correspond to the lesson. Allowing them to interact and move around creates, as well as having passion and knowledge of the subject being taught.
Try to make every lesson different. Try to make the children don't realise they are learning. Set an appropriate challenge. Use a mixture of learning styles. Use outside areas.
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What is the difference between a good teacher and an outstanding teacher?
User-Submitted Answers
A good teacher puts 100% in to their job and an outstanding teacher puts in 110%
Differences between excellent teacher and outstanding teacher.
A good teacher is satisfied with lessons that they teach, but dont take time to reflect on the lesson to make it better the next time it is taught. A good teacher doesnt continue learning and studying new in things or information in their subject. A good teacher doesnt take the time to get to know the students on a more personal level and doesnt show the enthusiams for learning that an outstanding teacher shows.
Differences between excellent teacher and outstanding teacher.
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About Middle School Teacher

September 25th, 2017

Middle school teachers are employed by private and public schools to educate sixth to eighth-grade students. They focus on helping students build on the fundamentals they learned in elementary school while also preparing them for a more challenging curriculum of high school. As part of their responsibility, middle school teachers create and implement classroom lesson plans, assign and correct homework, set and evaluate tests and monitor their students'
progress. They also liaise between the school and middle-school students' parents.
A bachelor's degree is the minimum educational qualification required for anyone wishing to pursue a career as a middle school teacher. Middle school teachers must major in the subject they will be teaching. In addition, many schools also require all applicants to be licensed after completing a teacher's preparation program. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are crucial attributes for this role. Middle school teachers must also be patient, resourceful and non-biased.
Expect to go through a rigorous interview. Schools are very particular about who they select to teach their students. They will want to know why you chose to be a teacher and why middle-school in particular. They will also ask if you have any work experience and if that experience helped you understand your strengths and weaknesses and if you have done anything to overcome those weak areas so you can become a better teacher to middle school students. Going to the interview well prepared will help you answer more confidently and get the job. Got to Mock Questions to see questions that interviewers typically ask when interviewing applicants for a middle school teacher position.