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When have you taught swim lessons, or any kind of lesson, before?

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    When have you taught swim lessons, or any kind of lesson, before?

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    Are you comfortable teaching lessons to all ages, and ability levels?

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    How do you handle stressful situations?

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    What do you know about our organization?

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    How long have you been swimming?

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    Do you like working with kids?

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    Why are you the best candidate for us?

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    Do you know how to perform CPR/first aid?

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    How would your former employer describe you?

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    If hired, how long do you plan on working here?

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    Why do you want a career as a Swim Instructor?

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    Why should we hire you?

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    As a Swim Instructor, what do you believe is your best asset?

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    Tell me about a few water safety lessons you would teach.

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    When have you worked with children before? What do you enjoy about working with children the most?

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    Tell me about how and when you learned your basic swim skills, and why you are confident in your ability to teach those skills to new swimmers.

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    Tell me about your swimming skills.

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    What is your greatest strength? How does it help you as a Swim Instructor?

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    What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it?

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    Do you have experience working with children?

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    How do you deal with unsatisfied parents?

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    Are you a patient person?

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    How do you practice safety on the job?

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    What qualifies you for this job?

  25. 25.

    Tell me about yourself.

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    How would you handle a student that was acting inappropriately?