Behavioral Questions for a Teacher

To help you prepare for your teacher interview, here are 30 behavioral teacher interview questions and answer examples.

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What different learning styles have you used when teaching?

Learning styles are imperative to any classroom setting. Since every student learns differently, it is important that you use a variety of options to have at your disposal. Share at least two during the interview process, when it comes to this question.

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30 Behavioral Interview Questions for a Teacher

  • 1. What different learning styles have you used when teaching?

  • 2. What requires the most of you as a teacher in a common day?

  • 3. What extra-curricular activities have you been a part of?

  • 4. What is the biggest obstacle you have had to break-through as a teacher?

  • 5. How do you interact with a student when they have let you down?

  • 6. Share a time when you interacted with angry parents who were complaining about your teaching methods.

  • 7. How do you manage situations when it feels like a class is getting too rowdy?

  • 8. What is your reaction when a student or students are bored with your class?

  • 9. Describe a time when you had to share a tough decision with a student.

  • 10. Share a time when your lesson did not work. What did you do next?

  • 11. How do you handle conflict between two students?

  • 12. What do you do with students who do not complete their homework regularly?

  • 13. Share a example when you have encouraged students to accept each other.

  • 14. How have you used differentiated instruction when teaching?

  • 15. How do you meet the needs of all students in your class?

  • 16. Describe a recent interaction with a challenging student and the parents.

  • 17. How do you manage your time efficiently?

  • 18. How do you change up lesson plans when an unforeseen circumstance happens during the day?

  • 19. What technology do you add to your lessons?

  • 20. How do you monitor the progress of students?

  • 21. What is the planning process like for the units you create?

  • 22. What have you done when someone has challenged a grade?

  • 23. Share a recently implemented teaching style you tried. How did the implementation go?

  • 24. Express a time you gave constructive feedback to a peer. How did the colleague react?

  • 25. Share a time you received constructive feedback. What was your response?

  • 26. What does a typical day look like in your classroom?

  • 27. Explain a time you misled students accidentally. How did you resolve the problem?

  • 28. When were you most challenged by a student?

  • 29. How would you report a delicate issue to your superior?

  • 30. How would the typical student describe you?