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To help you prepare for a Lockheed Martin job interview, here are 35 interview questions and answer examples.

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How do you define success?

"I define success by my ability to reach the goals that are set out for me. On a personal level, the things I wish to achieve in my life. On a work level, the targets that are set out for me as well as the professional development that I seek."

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35 Lockheed Martin Interview Questions & Answers

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Lockheed Martin employs over 100k employees worldwide who work hard to develop best-in-class aerospace and defense solutions resulting in $66B in annual revenue. With a constant focus on excellence and innovation, it is clear that any prospective employee needs to stand out amongst their fellow candidates. Preparing for an interview at Lockheed Martin can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Here are three key tips to help you prepare:

1. Prepare Your Best Stories
Lockheed Martin interview candidates frequently report being asked a series of behavioral questions. Questions like these are used to determine if a candidate has a strong enough track record of demonstrating specific skills or qualities in the workplace. Taking the time to prepare a list of stories related to your area of expertise, ability to lead, communication skills, teamwork skills, etc. is likely to pay off in a Lockheed Martin interview.

2. Know Your Stuff
Many of the open roles at Lockheed Martin are highly technical. If this is the case for the position you are interested in, you must be prepared to convince your interviewer you have the knowledge and experience necessary for success. Take the time to review the job description in great detail and develop compelling responses for any gaps in your skills.

3. Get to Know The Culture
Lockheed Martin is clear about their culture and they hire candidates in alignment with it. You can easily spend several hours reading their Code of Ethics, reading about their approach to diversity and inclusion, and exploring programs focused on community involvement and environmental protection. While it may not be necessary to be an expert on the culture in an interview, it is important to understand the basics. This guide offers helpful insight as well as links to several key resources that will get you started.

In summary, preparing for a successful Lockheed Martin interview is easier than it sounds if you're willing to invest the time. This guide serves as a template to help you more easily develop your best stories and learn what you need to know about the company's practices and culture. By following these tips you will be ready to impress your interviewers and further your career at Lockheed Martin.

  • Accomplishment

    1. How do you define success?

  • Accomplishment

    2. Tell me about an achievement you are proud of. What did you find challenging about it?

  • Accomplishment

    3. How do you like to be recognized for your accomplishments?

  • Behavioral

    4. The aerospace and defense industry is ever-changing. At Lockheed Martin we seek to hire individuals with a keen interest in this industry. How do you stay up to date on aerospace current events?

  • Behavioral

    5. Describe a time when you had to sacrifice quality on a project or deliverable.

  • Behavioral

    6. How do you manage your time?

  • Behavioral

    7. How often do you think of innovations that will improve your work performance?

  • Behavioral

    8. Your workload will be large at Lockheed Martin. How do you balance life and work?

  • Behavioral

    9. If you were given a choice, which work-related task would you leave for last? Why?

  • Behavioral

    10. How do you like to encourage ideas in others?

  • Career Goals

    11. Have you progressed in your career as you have expected?

  • Career Goals

    12. There are numerous career avenues you can take with Lockheed Martin. Which career path interests you the most?

  • Communication

    13. Rate your communication skills from 1-10 with proper examples backing your given rating.

  • Company Knowledge

    14. In addition to providing capital funding for innovative ventures, Lockheed Martin develops products in four main categories. Can you name them?

  • Company Knowledge

    15. We take our core values very seriously at Lockheed Martin. Do you know what they are?

  • Company Knowledge

    16. What do you know about Lockheed Martin?

  • Company Knowledge

    17. What can you tell me about the products developed here at Lockheed Martin?

  • Company Knowledge

    18. At Lockheed Martin, we have some strong competitors. In your opinion, what makes us stand out from the others?

  • Company Knowledge

    19. We require all of our employees, contractors, consultants and anyone acting on our behalf to read and sign our code of conduct. Have you read it, and would you be comfortable signing it if hired?

  • Competency

    20. Do you know how to <specific task>?

  • Direct

    21. A vast majority of the work we do at Lockheed Martin supports the US Department of Defense and other US government agencies. How do you feel about that?

  • Direct

    22. Are you actively interviewing with other companies, and are you close to offer stage with anyone?

  • Discovery

    23. Because of the nature of business at Lockheed Martin we conduct background checks on employees. This includes criminal background, credit, and education verification checks. Are you willing to comply?

  • Discovery

    24. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us at Lockheed Martin. Are you willing to sign a confidentiality agreement, if hired?

  • Discovery

    25. Many of our industry competitors have their employees under a non-compete contract. Are you bound by any non-compete contract with your current employer?

  • Diversity

    26. At Lockheed Martin, we believe our diversity is our strength. In what ways can you contribute to our strength in this area?

  • Education

    27. Tell me about your post-secondary education and how it will help you in this position with Lockheed Martin.

  • Experience

    28. At Lockheed Martin we seek to hire candidates with aerospace experience. Are you more experienced in the private or public aerospace industry?

  • Experience

    29. How do you think your early career will help you succeed in this position?

  • Experience

    30. It seems that your resume is missing XYZ skills that are necessary for this position. How do you plan to compensate for these missing skills?

  • Leadership

    31. How have you demonstrated leadership ability when you were not in a leadership role?

  • Salary

    32. What is your current salary?

  • Teamwork

    33. Do you believe it is possible to be a good team member yet disagree with the leader?

  • Tough

    34. In your opinion, what is the biggest breakthrough in the aerospace and defense industry in the past decade?

  • Tough

    35. Our goal is to be the top rated company in our industry. After researching Lockheed Martin, what do you think we could improve on?

  • Questions to Ask During Your Lockheed Martin Interview

    Some individuals are naturally talented at interviewing and do well with minimal effort. While that may be the case, I personally perform better when I take the time to prepare. If you're here at Mock Questions, you are likely the same.

    The great news is there is one section of your interview you can always prepare for. Investing the time to develop a quality list of questions to ask your interviewer is a valuable activity that is likely to pay off. Asking your interviewer thoughtful questions shows them you are engaged in the process and curious to know more about the position. It also demonstrates your knowledge about the company and can even open the door to discussing skills and experiences that are not highlighted on your resume.

    The trick to asking great questions during an interview is to ask questions that are detailed, thought-provoking, or unexpected. At least one of your questions should make your Lockheed Martin interviewer think or say, 'That's a great question.' Take the time to think about the role, think about what you've learned here and elsewhere about Lockheed Martin, and think about what you really want to know before accepting an offer and then weave the results into a go-to list you can use.

    Here is a list of 5 questions to get you started:

    1. You mentioned I would be working on the XYZ project if hired. Can you tell me the biggest challenge the team currently faces?

    2. I am interested in working with XYZ technology/solutions in the future. Can you describe a career path at Lockheed Martin that aligns with my career goals?

    3. I genuinely appreciate Lockheed Martin's commitment to embracing authenticity in the workplace. Can you describe how the team I will be working with supports this value?

    4. I am invested in continuing to grow my leadership skills. Can you recommend any specific leadership development programs offered at Lockheed Martin?

    5. I'd like the opportunity to connect with female leaders within the company if hired. Can you recommend a business resource group that offers opportunities for networking with women leaders?

    Lockheed Martin Company Culture

    When researching the company culture of Lockheed Martin, the results are remarkably consistent. Lockheed Martin states that they have a culture focused on ethics and excellence. While the concept of a culture focused on only two main areas seems simple, a thorough analysis reveals several noteworthy themes.

    Lockheed Martin is clear that they require their employees to do what's right at all times. If you read the Code of Ethics you will notice statements such as 'We Lead With Integrity', 'We Respect Others', 'We Demonstrate Accountability', 'We Conduct Business Fairly', 'We Care About Our Work Environment', and 'We Promote Good Corporate Citizenship'.

    In addition to ethical office practices, Lockheed Martin supports ethical action globally. For example, they have strong programs in place to source materials in an environmentally conscious manner. They have programs dedicated to the 'eradication of supply chain-related human trafficking'. They also invest in educating others on business ethics within the academic community.

    On the excellence front, Lockheed Martin is obviously dedicated to ensuring that the products and services they offer are of the highest standard given the mission criticality of the work they do. However, there's more to this aspect of their culture as well. For example, Lockheed Martin has a proven legacy of innovation. The They also have a program dedicated to assisting talented individuals with gaps in their work history return to work. This is a sign that Lockheed Martin has the vision necessary to support those who have invested in their communities and families.

    Lockheed Martin has advanced early career programs that identify talent and retain it. They know how to spot future leaders and innovators and they offer engaging programs for students and entry-level candidates. To me, this is similar to professional sports teams who can develop talent and grow their teams through drafts as opposed to spending the majority of their budget on one or two superstars.

    Lockheed Martin has a relatively high eNPS (employee net promoter score). This means that their own employees are generally loyal and willing to promote the company. Achieving and maintaining a high eNPS score is no small feat, and it is a good sign that new hires will ultimately feel the same.

    In summary, there are a lot of avenues you can pursue when researching and preparing for an upcoming Lockheed Martin interview. You may uncover an occasional negative comment or product failure story, but I am confident you will be able to find several standout data points as I did that can serve as reasons to be excited about the possibility of working at Lockheed Martin.

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