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As an employee of Audi, you will have a lot of interaction with management, share with me what you might feel about communicating with your boss in your current position.

The interviewer wants to determine if you are respectful of leadership and will follow the chain of command. In addition, he is looking to see if you 'bad-mouth' a previous employer or supervisor because this may indicate that you are not the kind of person who is teachable or who follows directions well. Be positive as you answer this question, reassuring the hiring manager that you are a professional. Even if you disagree with communication from your manager, you will respect and abide by their decisions without taking them personally.

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28 Audi Interview Questions & Answers

  • 1. As an employee of Audi, you will have a lot of interaction with management, share with me what you might feel about communicating with your boss in your current position.

  • 2. This position will require you to learn a CRM system on the computer? How comfortable are you with a DRM system or with using a computer?

  • 3. Would you consider yourself a creative person?

  • 4. Sales is about communication. Tell me about your communication skills, both verbally and written.

  • 5. Share with me three words that describe yourself.

  • 6. Sales includes the ability to persuade the client toward a buying decision. Share with me a close you have used to make a sale.

  • 7. Audi is always on the cutting edge of technology as one of our hallmarks. How comfortable are you with incorporating technology into your life?

  • 8. Would you describe yourself as a more structures person, or a person who tends to go with the flow?

  • 9. At Audi, we are always looking for employees whom we can develop into leaders. Tell me what you think are the qualities of a good leader.

  • 10. In sales, you will be required to compete with other sales people to achieve company objectives. Tell me about how you feel about competing with others and ways you might motivate a team member.

  • 11. In most car dealerships, the hours of operation are fairly long. Are they any schedule times when you would be unavailable to work?

  • 12. Looking at your resume, I see multiple gaps between employment. What were you doing during those gaps?

  • 13. Sales is a profession that often requires you to motivate yourself mentally. Tell me how some ways you try to inspire yourself when things may not go as you expected them to.

  • 14. We are moving quickly into second interviews. What is your availability like over the next few days?

  • 15. At Audi we seek to hire individuals who have a keen interest in the automobile industry. What interests you most about what we do?

  • 16. this position will require you to utilize the phone for both warm and cold calling. Share with me your telephone skills and what training you have had in this area,

  • 17. At Audi the chances are that you will be exposed to communicating with other departments and other managers. Tell me about any experience you have had working with other departments in your current position.

  • 18. The automobile industry is competitive. Are you comfortable working in a competitive environment?

  • 19. Part of your responsibility at this dealership will be operating motor vehicles. Are there any reasons that might prevent you from doing so?

  • 20. Here at XYZ dealership, we believe that a first impression is everything; tell me about what you might do to make a good first impression with a guest.

  • 21. Many positions in our company are fully commissioned. Are you confident enough in your sales abilities to work on 100% commission?

  • 22. Audi is a company who believes in connecting with social causes, what charities or social causes are you supporting and why are they important to you?

  • 23. One of the ways we protect our clients is to guard the private information they give to us,. Give me an example of when you might have done this in your previous position.

  • 24. At Audi we set daily, weekly, and monthly targets for all of our sales employees. Tell me about your willingness to set goals and achieve them.

  • 25. Audi has a reputation for being one of the best premier luxury brands in the world. How familiar are you with Audi and the vehicles it manufacturers.

  • 26. I see that you have recently worked for one of our direct competitors. Do you have a non-compete agreement in place?

  • 27. At Audi we like to train our employees in their particular areas of interest, by providing a variety of classes or webinars. Share with me some of the different kinds of training you have encountered.

  • 28. At Audi we like to hire to hire salespeople who excel at the art of sales. What do you believe are the qualities of a great salesperson?