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At Company ABC we seek to hire individuals who have a keen interest in the automobile industry. What interests you most about what we do?

Having a genuine interest in the automobile industry is going to be very important to the interviewer. A keen interest in this industry tells the hiring manager that you will most likely be engaged throughout your tenure.

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28 Automobiles Interview Questions & Answers

  • 1. At Company ABC we seek to hire individuals who have a keen interest in the automobile industry. What interests you most about what we do?

  • 2. At Company ABC we like to hire those who see a future in the automobile industry. Where do you see this position taking you in the future?

  • 3. At Company ABC we like to train our employees in their particular areas of interest. If you could have training in any specific area, which topic would you choose?

  • 4. I see that you have recently worked for one of our direct competitors. Do you have a non-compete agreement in place?

  • 5. What has been your biggest sale, to date?

  • 6. At Company ABC we set daily, weekly, and monthly targets for all of our sales employees. Have you worked with very specific KPI's as of late?

  • 7. At Company ABC we have many competitors. Why do you want to work for us?

  • 8. Tell me about your sales performance this year.

  • 9. Many positions in our company are fully commissioned. Are you confident enough in your sales abilities to work on 100% commission?

  • 10. Walk me through your automobile industry experience.

  • 11. In your opinion, what sets our product apart from our competitors?

  • 12. The automobile industry is competitive. Are you comfortable working in a competitive environment?

  • 13. At Company ABC we put a lot of pride in our customer service. How do you go above and beyond for your clientele?

  • 14. Are you experienced in warm and cold calling?

  • 15. Have you ever had a conflict with a boss or professor? How was it resolved?

  • 16. We are moving quickly into second interviews. What is your availability like over the next few days?

  • 17. How do you motivate others on your team?

  • 18. Looking at your resume, I see multiple gaps between employment. What were you doing during those gaps?

  • 19. What would you do if you were made aware of a co-worker being dishonest or stealing from the company?

  • 20. How would you prefer to be compensated?

  • 21. How competitive are you?

  • 22. How do you organize your day?

  • 23. Why do you believe you will have success at this position with Company ABC?

  • 24. How can we motivate you on the job?

  • 25. List the top 3 skills that you have acquired in your last role.

  • 26. Tell me about a time when you took the initiative to improve work related procedures.

  • 27. Would you consider yourself a creative person?

  • 28. What experience do you have using team-based messaging applications?