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Tell me about a successful program you taught. What made it successful and why was it different?

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Health Educator Interview Questions

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    Tell me about a successful program you taught. What made it successful and why was it different?

      As a Health Educator, you assess individual and community needs for health education.
      You plan health education strategies, interventions, and programs. Tell the interviewer about a recent program you taught and why you felt it was successful. This is your chance to show success as a Health Educator, so make sure to shine!

      Rachelle's Answer

      "A recent event that I coordinated was a cooking class. We had 12 participants, and all had a great time. Everyone laughed, helped each other out, and learned the importance of eating fresh and eating healthy. I knew it was a successful class because the class that followed had a waiting list of 10 people who were all referred to the class by others. In the planning stages, I wanted to make the class both educational and fun at the same time."

      Heather's Answer

      "During my internship, I got to work with a non-profit organization that worked with teenagers that were struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. During my three months there, I was tasked with preparing a new presentation on the harmful effects of methamphetamine on both people and entire families with the audience being middle school students between sixth and eight grades. As my finale, I had the chance to put on a one hour assembly in front of the student body and staff. Following the presentation, I was thanked by the principal and administrator for such a powerful program"

      Ryan's Answer

      "In my current role, I get contracted to work with private businesses to provide education to their staff to help lower healthcare costs and better the health and well-being of their workforce. For one particular organization, I was asked to come in and speak on the importance that diet and exercise play on a person's health to a manufacturer that employed over 75% men. Being a woman in this field, this task seemed very intimidating at first. But in my initial consultation with the HR Director at the company, seeing the rising health costs and work comp claims for the company told me that my services were needed. Knowing my audience after this initial consultation, I took a straightforward approach to my facts in the presentation and used some hard-to-see examples from people that suffered from obesity leading to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. After the presentation, several employees and the HR Director approached me and thanked me for the point-blank presentation."