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Patient Services Coordinator Interview

30 Questions and Answers by Heather Douglass

Updated September 15th, 2018 | Heather has over 20 years experience recruiting and hiring candidates,
specifically in the health care industry.
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How would your former employer describe you?
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How to Answer
Ok, let's skip using the word team-player. The interviewer is looking for something better. How about respectful, tough, diligent, hardworking and honest. Think of a time that a boss recently praised your work and share it with the interviewer.
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How would your former employer describe you?
Ok, let's skip using the word team-player. The interviewer is looking for something better. How about respectful, tough, diligent, hardworking and honest. Think of a time that a boss recently praised your work and share it with the interviewer.

Heather's Answer
"My last boss would describe me as a mentor. My boss noticed my co-workers were always looking to me for guidance and instruction. My co-workers respected my opinion and would regularly come to me for as​sistance. Because of the rapport with my colleagues, my boss asked if I would lead the team on a big project. The process ran smoothly and everyone respected me as the team leader. We were very successful in completing the project."
How do you prioritize your work when you have multiple deadlines to meet?
NoDo you keep a to-do list? Meet with staff members each morning to discuss what is on the agenda and what deadlines are pending? Let the interviewer know how you are organized and how you prioritize your work. Nothing wrong with mentioning that you like to check in with supervisors to assure that you have prioritized as they see fit. Your work may need to be prioritized throughout the day. Tell the interviewer how you accomplish that.

Heather's Answer
"I have a very detailed to-do list. Throughout the day I add, delete and prioritize my workload as the day progresses and requirements change."
How would you rate your communication skills?
Ideally, the interviewer is looking for someone with all the required skills plus someone who has wonderful communication skills. As there will always be stiff competition and other candidates nipping at your heels, you will have to come over with your answers in the best way possible to prepare beforehand. Tell the interviewer what experience you have dealing​ with patient issues, that you have great decision-making skills and that you find it easy to talk and communicate with people of all ages and nationalities. If the answer to these questions is yes, then your communication skills are likely strong enough and you possess the correct attributes to work in Patient Services.

Heather's Answer
"Excellent. I believe communicating well is a required skill for this profession and I believe that is one of my best assets. I enjoy communicating both with the hospital staff and with patients."
Tell me about your experiences with patient services.
This is a great question to tell the interviewer a little bit about your work history. If you are fresh out of school, highlight you favorite classes and how you feel they will relate to the workforce. Take the opportunity to 'walk' the interviewer through a day on the job. Talk about your customer service skills, interaction with medical staff and your administrative skills.
What leadership experiences do you have?
As a Patient Services Coordinator you know a little bit about everything in order for the office to run smoothly. You may be asked to train new staff, improve processes and take the lead on projects. Answer this question with examples of fulfilling a leadership role. Did you step up to take on a leadership role or asked by leadership because they noticed your level of motivation and knowledge and wanted to recognize it? Make your story relevant to the position you are applying to and they will want to add you to their team.

Heather's Answer
"I haven't been in a leadership position before, but I'm confident that my 3 years experience has prepared me to be successful if given the opportunity​."
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