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Epidemiologist Interview

30 Epidemiologist Interview Questions

By: Heather Douglass

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How would you design a surveillance system for young children?
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A surveillance system is used to examine public health issues across several years, track trends, compare health among groups of people, and determine whether something is improving or worsening for a specific group of people. As an Epidemiologist, would you choose active, passive or sentinel surveillance system? Whichever you choose, tell the interviewer why and what the outcome was.
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Describe a situation when you were able to have a positive influence on the actions of others.
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As an Epidemiologist, your research can help millions of people and impact serious changes in the world. Focus on telling the interviewer how you positively made a change.

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Give me an example of when you took a risk to achieve a goal. What was the outcome?
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As an Epidemiologist, you make take risks in your job, within your research or how you present information. Whatever your risk was, tell the interviewer about it with confidence. Tell the interviewer that you take risks to think outside the box and get people thinking.

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Are you experienced in speeches and presentations? How do you prepare for these?
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Hopefully one of your weaknesses isn't public speaking. If public speaking isn't a strength be sure to mention it but add that you are working at it improving yourself and getting more comfortable. Tell the interviewer what your tricks are to professionally deliver information to the audience. This is not the time to tell the interviewer that you picture everyone naked.

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Walk me through how you prepare technical and research reports and communicate the results to individuals in industry, government, or the general public.
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The interviewer is asking you to walk them through your process of preparing research to present it to a crowd. The interviewer is asking you this question to evaluate your organization and presentation skills.

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Author of Epidemiologist Answers and Questions

Heather Douglass
Heather Douglass has over 20 years experience recruiting and hiring candidates. She has a knack for resume writing. You can find her on twitter at @heatherinidaho.
First written on: 11/04/2014
Last modified on: 08/17/2018

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About Epidemiologist

August 24th, 2018

As a public health professional, you analyze and develop programs that protect the health of individuals, families, and communities in the United States and abroad. Using education, development of healthy lifestyles, research and program implementation, Epidemiologists are agents for disease prevention and health promotion. From food poisoning to an influenza outbreak, you are the detective for the community to investigate the cause of disease and control its spread. You conduct fieldwork to determine what caused disease or injury, what the risks are, who is at risk and how to prevent further incidences.

Your biochemistry and molecular biology training will be your guide as an Epidemiologist. Your experience will lead you to the initial discovery and containment of an outbreak, such as avian flu or mad cow disease. Strong quantitative skills, including biostatistics and computer applications, are skills needed to be a successful Epidemiologist. Public speaking and program management are also skills needed in fostering health promotion and disease prevention and assessing the quality of health care in the community.

To prepare for your interview, you'll want to do your research on the company. Know what outbreak they are focused on learning more about or population they are serving. Come to the interview with resume in hand, references ready and relevant stories to share. If you haven't been out of school for long, refer to studies you were apart of or published work. If you've been in the career field for awhile highlight what you've been a part of and how you impacted the findings.