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Are you able to communicate with people from all walks of life?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Detective interview

How to Answer

Communication is key and as a Detective it is really important to display that you are able to clearly communicate with people from all walks of life. Tell the interviewer about your experience with this.

Are you able to communicate with people from all walks of life?
Answer example

"I have been highly trained in communication and have no concerns when it comes to communicating with those in all walks of life. The past 7 years I have spent as a Police Officer have taught me a lot about communication and I am confident in my ability to meet people on their level."

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Are you able to communicate with people from all walks of life?
Absoulty im very social, I can communicate and make people talk.
Because I always wanted andventure and thats I want to do.
I grew up on Pine St. In Binghamton. I was always playing with kids of different race than me. I have no problem interacting with the poor, the wealthy, more intelligent, different race or culture, and so on.
Yes. My experience both on patrol as well as dispatching has allowed me to develop excellent communication skills.
I pride myself on being a good communicator. I realized early on that being an effective communicator can influence directly the course of an investigation and can either make or break an investigation.
Yes, very well. I am a people person. I am a very good communicater and talk to tons of people. I am that person that will strike up a converstaion with just about anyone.
Yes I grew up in a diversed city atmosphere and enjoy socializing and learning about others.
Yes I'm very capable of communicating with different types of people from different levels of society.
Yes, I have no problem communicate with anyone. My past work history shows that I have excellent communicate skills with all people.
Yes, I am a great listener and patient.
Yes, through my career I have dealt with lots of different people from different backgrounds.
Yes, I can usually talk to anyone to figure out things from them just seeing what there saying.
Yes I am able to communicate with people from all wlaks of life.
Yes, communication is key to gather information and helping out those that need it.
I am able to communicate with people of all walk of life and get along very well with others.
Yes,. I enjoy communicating with all types of people and enjoy consversation.
Why did you join this career.

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